Dragon's Dogma 2 has a large cast of colorful characters and many different quests for players to check out on their journey. One of the NPCs introduced in DD2 is Captain Brant. This NPC will give you a large number of quests, both main and secondary.


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One of the side quests given to you by Captain Brant will be The Nameless Village. This quest will put you on the path to obtaining Darragh's Bill of Arrest and will also be a means of obtaining Dragon's Gaze.

Finding the Nameless Village

once you meet Captain Brant at the Stardrop Inn, selecting different dialogue options will act as different precursors to different quests. If you select “Tell me about the queen regent”, you will get the main quest, “Disa's Conspiracy”. You will get similar results when selecting other options. However, to begin the search for the Nameless Village, you will need to select “Tell me about fake Sovran”

The Nameless Village is east of Vernworth and it will take a while to get there on foot. If you try to get there via the roads, you'll come to a roadblock, with seemingly no way around it. Above you will find some images to help you navigate how to get to The Nameless Village from Vernworth.

  1. In the first image, you will travel northeast of Vernworth, and follow the road until you reach the red circle.
  2. In the second image, you will now travel east, which will take you to a bridge – cross this bridge. As soon as the main road starts to turn left, you will exit the trail and find a camp where the map has a red “2”.
  3. You can keep going east to pass through the Eastern Forest. Keep traveling east and you will get back to the main road.
  4. Continue following the main road eastwards and you will arrive at the Nameless Village.

Once you are in The Nameless Village, you can continue following the road without turning to reach Old Nobel Manner. This is where you will meet an NPC who will progress the quest.


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Darragh Prison Project

Enter the Old Noble Manner and go straight to find an NPC named Flaude. Just like with Captain Brant, you'll want to talk to them about the False Sovran. Spend all the dialogue with Flaude and then leave the way you came. Go down the stairs and follow the path to the right. You will pass a bench and follow the path to a large chasm in the floor with a ladder.

Go down to receive a cutscene that will show a obstacle course that you will need to overcome. This route consists of two parts, but if you fall, there are stairs to try again. The obstacles are not difficult to understand and will be more a matter of how well you can react.

There will be wooden planks that can be balanced by standing at one end. Whichever side you stand on will be pushed down, while the other will be pushed up. You will simply need change your hold until the desired side is a little higher than where you need it. Then climb onto the board and jump to the next one. The second part of this obstacle course has sturdy spots just like these signs, but also swinging obstacles that will knock you down if you get hit by them. You simply need time your jumps and you won't have any problems.

After clearing both parts, you will find a wooden door that you can go through. Through this door there will be a room with several NPCs, as well as some dialogue triggered by Srail. Once the dialogue stops you can look around the room, but to progress the quest you will need approach and talk to Srail. Just like the previous NPCs, you will want to expand on all dialogue related to False Sovran.

After, you will receive the items “Darragh's Arrest Statement” and “Thief's Handbook” and being able to return to the Stardrop Inn in Vernworth to speak with Captain Brant. Select “Tell me about the fake Sovran” and give him the arrest note.


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Getting the Dragon Gaze

Dragon's Dogma 2 Dragon's Gaze-1

In addition to getting 7,500 gold and 1,200 XPone of your rewards for this quest will be the Dragon's Gaze. This is an immensely beneficial item that can be obtained in a variety of ways – and will help you become aware of any nearby Wakestone Fragments.

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