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Capcom is creating 'fake players' who hire and reward their pawns after missions to keep them active, and there's an easy way to identify them.

Dragon's Dogma 2 was released to positive reviews last month and since then fans have been looking for new ways to earn gold – resulting in an all-out financial conspiracy at one point.

A popular way to earn gold or other items in the game is to rent your pawn – your main non-playable companion – to other players online, who reward the pawn after missions.

It has now turned out that some of the players hiring and rewarding their pawn are apparently fakes, sent by Capcom to ensure the pawns remain active.

Reddit user MrFox claimed to have proof that Capcom creates fake players, saying:

'Basically, if no one is hiring your pawn, the game will sometimes have a 'fake player' rent it, so you can still earn RC [Rift Crystal currency].'

These fake players don't have profiles, MrFox said, and Capcom's own FAQ appears to prove that fake players will also hire your pawn, stating:

'Your main pawn can return from its trip beyond the rift, even if your pawn is not borrowed by another player. In these circumstances, the borrower's name will only be displayed and you will not have access to their information such as their profile.'

O Common questions also said that this can occur if you have set your pawn's main pawn's online access to Nobody.

MrFox explained in his publish that fake players can even give their pawn a rank, give him gifts and complete his pawn mission.

It's a smart way to keep pawns active if there aren't many players online, but it also defeats the purpose of having good pawns if the worst pawns are still rewarded.

It's unclear whether pawns actually do anything for their rewards, but most players don't seem to mind too much as long as their pawns get jobs and come back with some extra Rift Crystals.

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