Caution: duck crossing

Why did the duck cross the road?

One would assume that the chicken did it for the same reason… to get to the other side.

Traffic was stopped in downtown Vernon on Thursday so a flock of ducks could cross busy 30th Avenue.

They even used the crosswalk.

And the traffic politely stopped to let the charlatans cross.

“Ducks are using the crosswalk at Freshco, drive carefully,” said Dawn Tucker as heavy wet snow fell in the city.

The snow thinned considerably and almost all of it melted when it hit the pavement, but the feathered pedestrians did not cause any traffic disruption.

One has to ask why they didn't just flap their wings and fly down the street, but you have to give them credit for following the rules of the road and not making reckless crossings – or is that waddling?



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