Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla is expected to sign a letter on Thursday calling on Timor-Leste to hand over to the Philippines the expelled Oriental Negro Representative Arnolfo Teves Jr., who faces murder charges in connection with the murder of his political rival, Roel Degamo, the provincial governor when he was killed on March 4.

“When I return from Brunei on Thursday, I will sign the letter to the president of Timor-Leste,” Remulla told journalists, referring to the country’s Portuguese name.

Remulla met with the President of Timor-Leste José Ramos-Horta during his official visit to Manila from 8 to 10 November.

“I have just told you that we will present the necessary information and necessary letters to your office to formally inform them of the pending charges against Mr. Teves,” the chief justice said in a previous briefing.

He also recalled noting to the Timorese leader that “surrender duties exist and, under the United Nations agreement on terrorism, there is a duty on Member States to hand over to the processing country the body of any terrorist so that they can be detained.” . for trial.”

Remulla said Ramos-Horta responded favorably, saying he would wait for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to submit his documents.

“The passport should have already been cancelled. We’ll find out the status. We can cancel now. Let’s check,” Remulla also said.

Teves is reportedly hiding in East Timor after failing to obtain political asylum. Remulla had previously said that Teves had a chance meeting with former senator Manny Pacquiao.

Teves faces multiple charges in connection with Degamo’s murder. Nine other people were killed by their attackers in their own home that morning on March 4th.

The expelled lawmaker also faces murder charges in connection with the 2019 killings of three other people.

He was also classified as a terrorist in August by the Anti-Terrorism Council. INQ

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