Many don't know, but Prakash Jha It is Deepti NavalDisha Jhaa's daughter started her career with 'Rajneeti'where she was a costume designer and an integral part of his father's production. Nana Patekar also played an important role in the film. Now, it seems like life has come full circle for Disha.
Talking about her relationship with Nana Patekar, Disha said, “Nana Sir is like family to me. He was one of the first people to see me when I was born. Working with him in Raajneeti was a different experience as I was a costume assistant and at that time I was running around the set to take costume continuity photos. And he was always very thorough in his continuity; of any fantasy in the way he held his glasses, in which hand, on which side was his angrakha. Sometimes I had to double-check the photos, but before I could confirm, he always knew which hand he was holding. His sense of perfection and focus on set stayed with me and was a huge influence on me.”

About working with him as a producer, Disha added, “Now, during the shooting of ‘Sankalp’ too, it wasn’t much different. Here I saw young costume assistants get confused by continuity, but he always knew about his continuity.” Dishaa further shared, “He is still a child at heart, he likes being among people. spot boys. He loved to sit and play with the ADs, and of course, although he loved his food, he also loved to cook – he cooked lamb with great care, and used to prepare it frequently for the entire team – the ADs, technicians and his co-actors . For me, it's always a pleasure to collaborate with actors I grew up with. It doesn't feel like work at all. We filmed with Nana sir for about 30 days, but we had so much fun, that time flew by and before we knew it he was leaving the set at the end of the schedule.”

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