(Image from Diocese of Sorsogon Facebook)

MANILA, Philippines — The Diocese of Sorsogon said Tuesday that the “Filipino Katoliko” group soliciting donations in the province is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. “In light of the foregoing, I would like to inform our People of God here in the Diocese of Sorsogon that these representatives of the “Filipino Katoliko” are under the command of Most. Rev. Fenis Jr. is in no way connected with the Roman Catholic Church and therefore is in no way connected with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sorsogon,” Sorsogon Bishop Jose Alan Dialogo said in a letter on Sunday.

The letter said the group was soliciting money from people that they said would be used for church equipment and other materials.

“The letter that accompanies them speaks of their intention, which is precisely to request voluntary donations “to purchase materials for (their) (c) improvement of the church and furniture, utensils and office equipment…,” Dialogo added.

“When entertaining them, if you wish, evaluate with your own prudence the authenticity and veracity of your situation, so that each of us acts accordingly, in the most Christian and charitable way possible,” the letter concludes.

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