From this competition he qualifies for the second preliminary phase of the Libertadores. The Venezuelans are playing for a draw. But the defender is the favorite

Photo: Juan Carlos Hernandez / AFP via Getty Images – Caption: Puerto Cabello won the first match and is playing for a draw and promotion to the next stage in Libertadores / Jogada10

Defensor Sporting from Uruguay and Puerto Cabello will compete on Tuesday evening (February 13) at 9:30 p.m. (Brazilian time) in Montevideo for a place in the second preliminary phase of the Libertadores-2024 competition. The match will take place at the Centenário Stadium. However, Puerto Cabello won the first match in Carabobo 3-2, playing for a draw and advancing. But Defensor is the favorite.

The winner of this match will face Uruguay Nacional in the next phase.

Where to watch

ESPN and Star+ will broadcast the match from 9:30 p.m. (Brazilian time).

How is Defensor Sporting doing?

In the first match, the Uruguayan defense showed many flaws, so it is likely that the coach will be able to make changes. Defender Barco, who was replaced by Cuello in the last match, may lose his position. The same is happening with midfielder Barco, who is in danger of losing his position to Amaro. However, it is worth remembering that the Uruguayan team had more possession of the ball even during away games, showed greater quality and scored a losing goal in the last minute.

What's it like in Puerto Cabello?

Unlike Martin Varini, the commander of the Defensor team, the experienced Noel Sanvicente liked the team's performance at home. This way they have to maintain the squad. However, it is possible to add another steering wheel. In this case, Rojas could be introduced to a player further back to close the spaces as the team is playing with a draw advantage.


Libertadores-2024 – 1st qualifying round – First match

date and time: 13/02/2024, 21:30 (Brazilian time)

Local: Centenario Stadium, Montevideo, (URU)

SPORTS DEFENSOR: Dawson; Viacava, De los Santos, Ship (Neck) and Rodriguez; Elizari, Amaro (Bernal), Brave and Alvarez; Rivero in Agazzi. Technician: Martin Varini

PUERTO CABELLO: Schiavone; Cobos, Moreno, Rivero and Guzman; Congo, Bravo, Rojas and Celis; Rosemary and Miko. Technician: Noela Sanvincente

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