Best-selling author and entrepreneur Deepak Chopra may be known around the world as a holistic health and wellness guru – he has advised countless people to lead better, calmer, healthier lives over the decades – but it also has a lighter side.

In an on-camera interview this week, just as his new book, “Ideal Body: The New Science for Living a Longer, Healthier, Vital Life,” was published, Chopra poked fun at himself when asked how he takes care of himself. of personal well-being.

“Well, my family doesn’t take me seriously and that’s a good thing,” he said.

“And then,” he said, “I don't take myself seriously.”


Chopra talked about how he personally stays healthy. “I sleep well,” he said. “I practice meditation and yoga. And my only purpose is to serve the world. I have no personal ambitions. And that also means no stress.”

The “no stress” philosophy, however, carries great weight. Chopra is focused, through his foundations and his work on many fronts, on helping people lead lighter, brighter lives through their thoughts and actions – and on helping them heal from affliction. And he remains hopeful.

“It's not good enough to live a long life,” Deepak Chopra told Fox News Digital this week, “if you're not living a healthy long life.” (Courtesy Deepak Chopra)

“The science of biology,” he said, “says that less than 5% of diseases are due to what we call fully penetrant genes, which guarantee disease. So if someone has a BRCA gene, for example, they will get cancer breast cancer. And the only treatment so far has been a preventive mastectomy, etc. This applies to 5% of all diseases.”

Now, he said, “we are looking at a very interesting possibility called gene editing, which will eliminate the 5% that is genetically determined.”

Meanwhile, he said, “about 95% of diseases are currently due to epigenetic modulations of gene activity, meaning that our experiences determine gene activity.”


He said that “all diseases, whether it's cancer or autoimmune diseases or dementia or degenerative disorders or heart disease or metabolic syndrome or diabetes – they can all be affected by things like how we sleep, or our emotions, or how we manage stress, or how we can use diet to alter the microbial mix of our gene expression in the gut.”

“We have a holistic way of not only preventing disease, but even reversing it and extending our lifespan.”

So “put all of this together” – and more –,” he added, “and we have a holistic way to not only prevent disease, but even reverse it and extend our lifespans. You can even change the activity of our biological system. clock.”

His new book, he said, is about “how you actually make chronic disease optional and actually extend your life expectancy and your health. It's not good enough to live a long life,” he added, “if you're not living a long life”. healthy long life. That's what my new book is about.”

quantum body

Deepak Chopra spoke with Fox News Digital this week about “Quantum Body,” his newest book. (Deepak Chopra)

Here's more from this week's Fox News Digital interview with Chopra, who at age 77 is the author of 94 books.

He is also a husband, father and grandfather.

Fox News Digital: Given everything that's going on in the world today, in your opinion, do people need healing perhaps now more than ever?

Deepak Chopra: Yes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we observed who was getting sick, who was getting close to dying. And as you know, some elderly people also had chronic illnesses. But there were young people who became very ill and also died. And when we look at all these people who had what we call intense morbidity and mortality, they all had inflammatory storms in their bodies.


They not only had inflammation in their bodies, but also stress, depression and extreme fear. Whenever stress overrides your biological responses, you can predict illness.

“If you are at peace at home, then extend that to your family, extend that to your community.”

As a result of this, we begin to look at our nervous system, a part of the nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system. And particularly a nerve called the vagus nerve, which can be activated through various things such as exercise, such as mind-body coordination, breathing techniques, yoga and emotional resilience.

You can actually activate the healing system. For the last 30 years ago, we didn't have the science behind it. But today we have very good science.

Deepak Chopra

“Most millennials are fed up with the old way of doing things and are looking for resources online,” said Deepak Chopra on Monday, December 11, 2023, in an interview with Fox News Digital. (Michael Allen)

And it's very important, because if you are calm at home, you extend that to your family, you extend that to your community. And I hope that if we extend this to a critical mass, we can have a more peaceful, fair, sustainable, healthier and joyful world. This is the ultimate dream.

P: Talk to us about your work at the Chopra Foundation – you're offering a lot of programs that you didn't always offer.

Chopra: A program we have now is called Never Alone ( It is a mental wellness and suicide prevention program. We have several million people involved in this program, creating global communities of mutual support through mindfulness – which means a deep affection of listening, a deep affectionate appreciation, a deep gratitude and an acceptance of all.

The program is very popular these days, especially among teenagers, because we also use emotional chatbots. This way people don't feel judged.


We also have a program called The Soul of Leadership. We will be offering free leadership [skills and training] for anyone in the world who needs or wants leadership skills. These are just some of the programs.

P: When people get in touch, do their questions fall into any specific category or theme?

Chopra: They mainly deal with health – mental and physical – and also conflict resolution. Everything is connected.

And I think there's a deeper interest, especially among millennials – most millennials are a little fed up with the old way of doing things and are now looking for resources online.

Deepak Chopra shot in the head and shoulder

“We cannot depend on any special interest group or even political leaders. We have to be the change we want to see in the world,” said Chopra. (Courtesy Deepak Chopra)

P: What specifically are they mentioning to you and your teams – political issues? Election season? Wars? Money? Jobs?

Chopra: All of the above. Furthermore, the younger generation is very concerned about climate change and how it relates to mental and physical illnesses.

P: If you had to utter words of wisdom before New Year 2024, what would you say?

Chopra: We cannot depend on any special interest group or even political leaders. We have to be the change we want to see in the world. We start with ourselves – peace and love in action and supporting each other. And that is the ultimate idea of ​​community.

“Success is the ability to have love and compassion in your life and, most importantly, to get in touch with your creative center, which is your soul.”

We have a common identity. We call this humanity. We complement each other's strengths and can offer emotional support. Then we can find creative solutions to all the world's problems.

And this is the time for creativity, because otherwise we will be heading in a direction where we will have medieval identities and modern destructive capabilities. And that's not a good combination.


P: How do you define success?

Chopra: Success is the ability to have love and compassion in your life and, most importantly, to get in touch with your creative center, which is your soul.

P: You write more than one book a year. What is the theme of your next book?

Chopra: My next book is about AI and how it can help us and be a guide… Like any technology, [artificial intelligence] can be misused. You see that the internet is misused, but also used.


So, you know, technology is neutral. And whenever a new technology emerges, there are people who are afraid of its diabolical uses. [of it] – and rightly so.

We have to have a system and Europe is already doing it.

Last week, they enacted ethical standards for the use of AI to prevent AI misuse. And that is possible.


So when we do that, I think it could be a super-intelligent system. It could be your personal friend.

Could be a research assistant. It can be a health coach and also a spiritual guide.

I'm very excited about AI.

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