Luis de la Fuente He already has all five senses focused on German Euro Cup. In two weeks, in HamburgSpain will find out how it will enter the competition, the first three rivals it will have on German soil.

With the March games before Colombia (in Londonpending to be known at the stadium) and Brazil (Santiago Bernabu) as the last tests before delivering the list of those chosen for the European Championship, De la Fuente has before him a project full of certainties, but for which a very serious problem has arisen with Lesina de Gavi.

The importance of the national team’s number 9 is clearly explained by his continuous presence in the lineups for 25 months. Luis Henrique will send him into the starting line-up against Italy in Saint Sirus. Since then, he has been to every team game. The tremendous knee injury suffered in Valladolid and which will leave him out of the Euros occurred after 27 international appearances, 24 of them in the starting eleven, and 1,781 minutes played out of a total of 2,490 (71.5%).

Gavi seriously injured his knee against Georgia

Furthermore, Spain loses a unique player. There is no other Gavi. Your style of play doesn’t have a double, a player you name as a natural replacement. The energy it brings, the arrival with a goal, the lack of control it generates in rivals are elements that the team loses and for which From the Source must find answers.

The player’s absence Barcelona forcing Spain to change behavior on the field which, over the months, has built a team that is recognizable and reliable in terms of results.

Predictable list

Gavi was a safe bet to be in the final Euro list, whether 23 or expanded to 26 after the selectors met in Hamburg draw weekend. His dismissal opens up a vacancy where there was none. For all the certainties that the coach has achieved, his midfield is the most forceful. Rodri and Zubimendias centers, and Mikel Merino, Gavi and Fabin Ruiz as interiors, they have repeated list after list since De la Fuente gave the first one last March.

The sixth midfielder is changing. But there is one player who has a reservation: Pedro. The Canarian has not played for the national team since December 6, the day Morocco knocked Spain out of Qatar World CupA. His name appeared on the list in March, but he was injured that weekend. The absence has been repeated incessantly, something that should end in September.

Now without Gavi, the options Formerly Sancet After being in the Euro, they grow strongly. He was in the last two windows and his role has been relevant, not that of an appearance so as not to have continuity. Of everything Spain has, it may be, together with Lex Baena, the closest to Gavi. And in this dispute, the advantage today is clear for the Atlético Navarrese player.

Luis de la Fuente on Gavi: “It was broken, desolate; the dressing room looked like a funeral”YOUTUBE

51 called up

Heading into the Euros, with the Nations League title at stake, De la Fuente called up 51 players. Among them, taking into account injuries and technical decisions, 43 played minutes and 12 made their debut.

The coach recognized Valladolid that your block is very clear. There are open doors, like the one on the left. Others will be opened due to injuries. In one week, De la Fuente lost two players from his first unit for the Euros: Gavi and Yremy Pino. It’s the law of football.

The March list, already knowing whether there will be 23 or 26 for the Euro, will leave little doubt about who will be at the Euro. What’s more, today the group is so consolidated that it can be said that 95% of those who will seek the fourth crown for Spain, of course.

As well as From the Source He must come up with a plan in the face of the loss of Gavi.

Joselu goal (0-3) in Cyprus 1-3 Spain

Joselu, 2023 goalscorer

Joselu He entered the year 2023 without having played a single match for the Spanish national team. And he will stand out as the team’s top scorer throughout the year, succeeding Morata, who closed 2022 with seven goals for Spain. The attacker of Real Madrid He scored five of the team’s 27 goals. What he scored in Cyprus last Thursday allowed him to surpass Morata’s four. Joseluwho has only been a regular at departures for Cyprus and Scotlandscored these five goals in just 296 minutes played, one every hour on the field.



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