Manchester City survived four months without Kevin De Bruyne and two without Erling Haaland. The hamstring injury suffered by the Belgian and the Norwegian's foot injury left Pep Guardiola without his two stars. Furthermore, in December, the two coincided during a month of sick leave.

“We got here without them and we’re still there. But with Erling and Kevin we are stronger. You don't have to be smart to realize this. “I’m not going to belittle what his teammates did, but everyone knows that and they know that,” Guardiola said after the match. victory (2-0) over Everton. A duel in which the 'cityzens' achieved their tenth consecutive victory with their two stars as protagonists.

Haaland scored the first two goals of 2024 (he already has 21 in 25 games) and regained his connection with De Bruyne. Since playing together, the Belgian has provided the Norwegian with 12 assists, a record for any Premier team. “Sometimes there are good feelings with a player from the beginning. We create a good connection,” I explain to KDB soberly Erling. “It's crazy! Your passes… We met. “There is chemistry between us”secured the '9'.

They are good personal relationship and sport is a mine for a city that has the two best counter-attack creators on the planet. The 'sky blues' have possession of the ball (an average of 67.8% between Premier and Champions), but they have the fire to fly thanks to De Bruyne and Haaland. His last big job was against Everton.

Five seconds to score

Lightning struck the 'caramels'. Ak recovered the ball, gave it to KDB who turned to throw the Norwegian into the open field. And Erling, with strength, left Branthwaite sitting before beating Pickford with his left. De Bruyne needed three touches to make Haaland run. “He understands what I want and I know what he wants,” he noted. And the Norwegian, faced with the immensity of the green, unmarked himself and barely needed five seconds to put the ball in the net.

The ball touched the boot just five times. The rest was a supersonic mid-run that took Branthwaite to the front before 'wetting': “It’s only natural that I run and Kevin finds me.”

Since he arrived, De Bruyne needs runners and Haaland needs assists. There was a natural connection between them

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach

A weapon of mass destruction that made City a more complete team. Almost perfect. “Since he arrived, De Bruyne needs runners and Haaland needs assists. There was a natural connection between them”, highlighted Guardiola. “We know how good they both are. As soon as Kevin has the ball, he looks for Erling. They do this to each other,” said Ak, the third in a running couple. They are always in a hurry.