Daryl Embankment’s physical issue update uncovers the most recent on his condition, offering experiences into his recuperation and likely re-visitation of play.

Daryl Dam Injury Update

Daryl Barrier, a soccer player from the US, as of late got injured once more. He plays for a group called West Bromwich Albion. Barrier harmed his left Achilles ligament while playing a game against Ipswich Town. This happened only five games after he returned from a past physical issue to his right Achilles ligament. It’s a big mishap for him.


The injury implies Daryl Embankment will not have the option to play for the rest of 2024. This is on the grounds that he wants time to recuperate and mend from the injury. Barrier himself said he’s finding it hard to comprehend what worked out. He’s grateful for all the help he’s gotten from fans and colleagues.

This isn’t whenever Daryl Dam first has been harmed. Before, he had wounds to his hamstring and thigh muscles. These wounds have impacted his capacity to play routinely for his group. In spite of these difficulties, not set in stone to return more grounded.

At the point when Daryl Barrier got injured during the game against Ipswich Town, it was a miserable second. He left the field in tears, and his partners and fans were additionally upset to see him harmed once more. Regardless of the difficulties, Barrier is thankful for the love and consolation he’s gotten. Not set in stone to conquer this misfortune and return to the field quickly.

Who is Daryl Embankment?

Daryl Enyinnaya Barrier is an expert soccer player from the US. Born on June 3, 2000, he plays as a striker for the EFL Title club West Bromwich Albion and addresses the US public group in soccer matches all over the planet. Before his expert career, Daryl Barrier played soccer for the College of Virginia. He displayed his abilities and ability during his school years, grabbing the eye of scouts and groups.

In the 2020 MLS SuperDraft, Barrier’s ability was perceived when he was chosen in the principal round as the fifth generally speaking pick by Orlando City SC. What’s noteworthy is that even prior to being drafted, Dam had previously marked an Age Adidas contract, which is a demonstration of his true capacity and capacities in the game.

Presently, Daryl Dam is becoming well known in proficient soccer, playing for West Bromwich Albion in the English Football Association (EFL) Title. Moreover, he gladly addresses his country as an individual from the US public group, contending with different countries in different competitions and matches.

With his physicality, expertise, and devotion to the game, Daryl Dam keeps on being a thrilling possibility in the realm of soccer, both locally and globally. As he advances in his career, fans enthusiastically expect to observe his further accomplishments and commitments to the game.

Name Daryl Dike
Full Name Daryl Enyinnaya Dike
Date of Birth June 3, 2000
Age 23 years old
Place of Birth Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Position Striker

Daryl Embankment Early Life

Daryl Embankment was born in Edmond, Oklahoma. He began playing soccer while going to Edmond North Secondary School. Embankment didn’t simply play; he was a pioneer in the group, turning into the skipper during his sophomore year. He was perceived for his inconceivable abilities, winning the Oklahoma Hostile Player of the Year grant multiple times.

Furthermore, he set a state standard by scoring an astounding 70 objectives and assisted his group with getting a state title. His remarkable exhibition prompted him being named the Gatorade Player of the Year for Oklahoma in 2018. After secondary school, Daryl Embankment proceeded with his soccer process by resolving to play school soccer for the Virginia Cavaliers.

Toward the beginning, he was a save player, however it didn’t take long for him to turn into a normal starter for the group. In his first year, Embankment made a noteworthy presentation, scoring his most memorable university objective and aiding a triumph against Wright State. Notwithstanding confronting a physical issue misfortune during the season, he got back to the field for the NCAA competition and made critical commitments to his group.

During his sophomore year, Embankment’s ability kept on sparkling brilliantly. He began in each of the 23 counterparts for the Virginia Cavaliers and exhibited his adaptability by giving two aids the initial round of the 2019 season. All through the season, Barrier arose as a top entertainer, driving his group with the two objectives and helps.

His remarkable exhibition in vital matches, including the School Cup elimination rounds, procured him acknowledgment as the NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Competition Most Exceptional Player. Close by his school soccer career, Daryl Dam likewise played for OKC Energy U23 in the PDL during the 2018 season. Notwithstanding being youthful, Embankment made huge commitments to the group, exhibiting his abilities and potential as an expert soccer player.

Daryl Dam Career

Daryl Dam began his expert soccer venture with Orlando City in the wake of being picked in the principal round of the 2020 MLS SuperDraft. He immediately had an effect, acquiring acknowledgment as the MLS Player of the Month in August 2020. Notwithstanding being a tenderfoot, he showed huge ability, getting a spot on the yearly MLS 22 Under 22 rundown.

In February 2021, Dam went borrowed to Barnsley, a club in the English EFL Title. During his time there, he dazzled with critical objectives, assisting Barnsley with getting a spot in the advancement end of the season games. Notwithstanding interest from Orlando City to review him, he stayed with Barnsley for the postseason.

Getting back to Orlando City for the 2021 season, Daryl Barrier kept on sparkling, making huge commitments regardless of confronting interferences because of worldwide obligation and injury. Yet again his steady exhibitions procured him acknowledgment on the yearly MLS 22 Under 22 rundown.

In January 2022, Barrier took action to West Bromwich Albion, a club in the English EFL Title, marking a four-and-a-half-year contract. Nonetheless, his time at West Brom has been tested by wounds, including a hamstring injury and a burst Achilles ligament, which have sidelined him for huge periods.

Notwithstanding his club career, Daryl Barrier has addressed the US public group, making his presentation in January 2021. He has kept on dazzling on the worldwide stage, procuring call-ups for significant competitions like the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup, where he exhibited his scoring skill with a support against Martinique.

Daryl Embankment Age

Daryl Embankment was born on June 3, 2000, making him 23 years of age at this point. He hails from Edmond, Oklahoma, in the US. Born in the mid 2000s, Dam addresses another age of soccer ability, exhibiting his abilities both locally and universally.

At 23 years old, Daryl Dam has previously taken huge steps in his soccer career, beginning from his secondary school days to his expert process with clubs like Orlando City and West Bromwich Albion. In spite of his moderately youthful age, Dam has impressed be a promising ability in the realm of soccer.

Having been born in 2000, Embankment falls inside the age scope of numerous youthful competitors who are arising as stars in the game. His age places him in a crucial phase of his career, where he keeps on fostering his abilities and become well known in the cutthroat universe of expert soccer.

As a 23-year-old player, Daryl Barrier has previously accomplished striking achievements, including addressing the US public group and procuring acknowledgment for his exhibitions both locally and universally. With his childhood on his side, Dam can possibly keep developing and developing as a player in the years to come.

Daryl Barrier’s age of 23 connotes his situation as a promising youthful ability in the realm of soccer, with a lot of chances ahead to additionally set up a good foundation for himself as a champion player on both the public and global stage.

Daryl Barrier Level

Daryl Barrier stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches, which is roughly 1.88 meters. This level is favorable for Embankment, particularly in his job as a striker on the soccer field. Being tall gives him certain benefits, especially in flying duels and actual challenges with safeguards.

As a striker, Barrier’s level permits him to succeed in winning headers, holding up the ball, and setting out scoring open doors for his group. His transcending presence in the going after third of the field represents a test for restricting safeguards, as he can undoubtedly outmuscle them to acquire ownership or make space for him as well as his colleagues.

With his level of 6 feet 2 inches, Daryl Barrier turns into a vital objective for crosses and set pieces, as he can utilize his level to challenge protectors and direct the ball towards the objective successfully. This makes him a significant resource for his group’s hostile system, furnishing them with a solid choice to gain by scoring possibilities.

Notwithstanding his hostile commitments, Barrier’s level likewise helps him protectively, particularly in circumstances requiring flying clearances or guarded headers. His monumental height makes it challenging for adversaries to sidestep him in protective circumstances, adding one more aspect to his general adequacy on the field.

Daryl Barrier’s level of 6 feet 2 inches assumes a huge part in his prosperity as a soccer player, empowering him to overwhelm in different parts of the game and make important commitments to his group’s exhibition.

Daryl Barrier Injury History






Games Missed


23/24 Achilles tendon surgery Feb 11, 2024 2 1 West Bromwich Albion
22/23 Achilles tendon surgery Apr 16, 2023 Jan 5, 2024 264 41 West Bromwich Albion
22/23 Thigh problems Aug 1, 2022 Nov 7, 2022 98 22 West Bromwich Albion
21/22 Hamstring injury Jan 22, 2022 Mar 15, 2022 52 14 West Bromwich Albion
21/22 Shoulder injury Aug 2, 2021 Aug 27, 2021 25 5 Orlando City SC

What has been going on with Daryl Embankment?

Daryl Barrier, an American soccer player, confronted one more injury while playing for his group, West Bromwich Albion. During his fifth game back from a past physical issue, Dam needed to leave the field after only 10 minutes. He appeared to be disturbed and was carted away the pitch. It hazy precisely caused the injury, yet the group’s chief said it very well may be like his past one.

This injury is one more misfortune for Barrier, who had proactively missed a large portion of the past season because of a medical procedure on his right Achilles ligament. Presently, he’s torn his left Achilles ligament and will not have the option to play for the rest of 2024. Embankment communicated his battle to grasp what is going on however said thanks to everybody for their help.

Initially from Edmond, Oklahoma, Daryl Embankment had gotten back to play on January seventh subsequent to recuperating from his past physical issue. In any case, he was harmed again during the match against Ipswich Town in the Association Title. Yet again regardless of his endeavors to get back in the saddle, Embankment’s season has reached a sudden conclusion.

Dam’s nonattendance is a huge misfortune for West Brom, as he had shown guarantee with eight objectives in 32 games since joining the club in 2022. Presently, with Barrier down and out, West Brom faces difficulties in keeping up with their situation in the association standings. In spite of the mishaps, still up in the air to get back to the field more grounded.

As Daryl Dam goes through a medical procedure and starts one more time of recovery, his flexibility and the help he gets from fans and partners will be pivotal. West Brom’s impending matches will miss Embankment’s presence, however his colleagues will endeavor to proceed with their mission sincerely and devotion.

Daryl Embankment injury Update – FAQs

1. Who is Daryl Barrier?
Daryl Enyinnaya Dam is an expert soccer player from the US.

2. What has been going on with Daryl Dam?
Daryl Embankment, an American soccer player, confronted one more injury while playing for his group, West Bromwich Albion.

3. What is Daryl Barrier’s ongoing physical issue status?
Daryl Barrier experienced a left Achilles ligament injury and will be sidelined for a drawn out period, logical for the rest of 2024.

4. How did Barrier support his most recent physical issue?
Embankment experienced the injury during a match against Ipswich Town while challenging an elevated ball.

5. Will Barrier require a medical procedure for his ongoing physical issue?
Indeed, Dam is supposed to go through a medical procedure for his left Achilles ligament injury.

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