IRussia’s rout of Cuba (8-0) left a curious image after the game. The young Cuban football player Fabian Gloor wanted to take a rival’s shirt as a souvenir and that’s why he asked for it. The Russians’ surprise came when they asked Fabian to change and he said he couldn’t because They only have one and they are responsible for it.

The situation caused a lot of surprise among the Russians who, even so, handed the shirt to Gloor, who left the stadium with the souvenir he wanted and, of course, with the Cuban national team shirt.

Russian victory

The Russian team defeated Cuba (8-0) this Monday, in an unprecedented friendly in history, played in the city of Volgograd. The locals scored three goals in the first 45 minutes through Obliakov, Golovin and Antn Miranchuk. The weak Caribbean team conceded 5 more goals in the second half, the work of Silianov, Sobolev, Prutsev, Krivtsov and Mostovi. Russian Piniaev missed a penalty in the 85th minute, a shot that was saved by the Cuban goalkeeper.

The match, with the participation of more 40,000 spectators, was played in the Volgograd arena, a stadium located on the banks of the Volga River, in former Stalingrad, the scene of one of the bloodiest battles in history. AND the biggest victory for the team led by Valeri Karpin since it was excluded from international competitions due to the war in Ukraine, in February 2022. Cuban coach, Yunielys Castillo, debuted with the following eleven: Arozarena; Prez, Daz, Sánchez, Calvo; Torres, Morrejn, Espino, Gloor, Paradela and Delgado: Russia had never faced the Cuban team.

The only precedent is the game between the Soviet Union and the Cuban team at the 1980 Moscow Olympics (8-0). During the last two years, the Russians have had to face teams such as Cameroon, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Iran and Iraq due to the refusal of high-profile teams to face the reviled Slavic team.



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