IThe Euro 2024 in Germany You already know 21 of the 24 candidates who will compete for the European throne. Being heir to Italy, current champion. Spain will participate in the tournament (from June 14th to July 14th) as one of the favorites… but teams like England, France or Portugal are also at the highest levels. Others like Belgium, Italy, Germany (host) or the Netherlands want to surprise.

Berlin will host the final, but until we reach the historic German city there will be a difficult path to overcome for all the title contenders. The ‘Azzurra’ defends the title, but there are many who want to dethrone Spalletti’s team. The Transalpines, in fact, have been one of the teams that had to reach the last round without knowing whether they had a ticket or not. Like them, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia or Croatia… the last team to qualify directly after beating Armenia 1-0 this Tuesday.

The official ball of Euro 2024 at the Berlin stadium.EFE.

The teams classified for Euro 2024

Many candidates… and few favorites who are really on the first step. Each one has its points in favor, of course. France, current world runner-up, will certainly be number one in the groups… because it has the most complete team: a solid defense, a midfield with impressive physical power and an attack led by Mbappone of the best players in the world.

Then there are England, Spain and Portugal. Southgate’s with a team on the rise where Kane and Bellingham take command; Spain with a marked style (perhaps the most ‘team’ team, in this aspect); Portugal, undefeated in the qualifying phase, ‘renewed’ after the arrival of Roberto Martínez and with Cristiano Ronaldo faces his last major national team tournament (in theory).

Cristiano Ronaldo, during a game against Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo, during a game against Portugal.LaPresse.

Then the rest: Germany plays at home, but has many doubts game and Nagelsmann has just arrived, Italy defends title, but suffered a lot to reach à la Euro, Netherlands is down, Belgium could surprise (this time yes) if he recovers De Bruyne and Courtois 100%…

It is clear, the ‘covered’ ones are. Those teams that manage to break all predictions. Croatia It is always present, despite the fact that its average age continues to increase, Hungary, Scotland and Türkiye They performed great qualifying rounds, Austria or Switzerland They always manage to reach the knockout playoffs and Denmark It’s a team to take into account… otherwise like what happened in Qatar 2022, where it was disappointing.

Seeds and pots

Next December 2nd (Saturday) will be the draw of the Euro 2024 group stage. Spain starts as seed thanks to its results in the qualifying phase; with it, Germany (which goes to Group A as host of the tournament), Portugal, France, Belgium and England. The leaders of the groups that scored the most points.

The remaining leaders will be in pot 2, although a possible death group was ‘avoided’ with Croatia moving into the third pot. To take into account the teams to avoid: Italy (pot 4), Croatia or the Netherlands (pot 3, both).

They will play the repechage

But there are still three places to decide and we won’t know 100% until March. This Thursday, November 23rd, the draw will be to complete the three repechage routes. Poland or Wales already know they will be in Route A. Lewandowski’s men know they will face Estonia in the semi-finals, but Wales will have to wait to meet their rival.

The same happens in Route B: it is not entirely clear who will face Israel or Bosnia, but both, like Poland and Wales, will be locals in the semi-finals. On Route C everything is clear: Georgia vs Luxembourg and Greece vs Kazakhstan.

In Germany 2024 there will only be three teams out of the 12 participants in this phase: one for each route.

Kvaratskhelia, in a duel against Carvajal.

Kvaratskhelia, in a duel against Carvajal.EFE.

The big absentees

But there are always teams that can be lost in big events. Despite being a European Championship with 24 teams… Haaland’s Norway is the big absentee. The City striker is the main star who will not be in Germany in the summer.

With them, Sweden He also ‘achieved’ in a remarkable way after being a regular in the last major national team tournaments in Europe. Qatar 2022 and its absence was already a warning. The loss of Ibrahimovic hurt.



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