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MANILA, Philippines – The declining confidence and approval ratings of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and President Martin Romualdez can be attributed to their continued push for Charter (Cha-cha) change, something that three out of four Filipinos still reject.

This is how opposition leaders viewed the recently released results of a Pulse Asia survey, showing that Marcos's trust rating fell 16 points – from 73 percent in December 2023 to 57 percent in March 2024.

His approval rating also fell 13 percentage points, from 68% to 55% over the same period.

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Take them as signs

The poll also showed that Romualdez, a cousin of the president, had a trust rating of 31%, up from 40%, after the three-month gap. His approval rating also fell from 39% to 31%.

The survey was carried out from March 6 to 10, at the height of the House's deliberations on a resolution pushing for changes to the Constitution's key economic provisions to lift limits on foreign ownership in three sectors – public services, education and advertising.

In separate statements on Wednesday, ACT teachers' representative France Castro and Bayan secretary general Mong Palatino said the president and speaker of the House should interpret these numbers as a sign that their effort to change the 1987 Constitution hardly had public support.

“This just shows that an overwhelming majority of Filipinos are against Cha-cha, whatever its form,” Castro said, referring to a separate Pulse Asia survey released in March that shows 88 percent of Filipinos do not support Cha-cha.

“So it would be better for the Marcos Jr. administration to stop wasting time and resources on this and abandon it now so it can focus more on what the Filipino people really need,” Castro said.

“Marcos has promoted the interests of foreign powers instead of focusing on improving the conditions of the working classes,” Palatino added. “He has been on five luxurious trips abroad and supported the so-called Economic Charter Change that will allow foreigners to expand their control and ownership of domestic land and industries.”

Sara also slides; Migz up

Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Duterte also recorded a seven-point decrease in her approval rating – from 74% to 67%; and also on its trust rating – 78% to 71% rating.

Senate President Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri had a 52 percent approval rating in March 2024, up from 49 percent in December 2023, for a three-point gain; and a confidence rating of 53% versus 51%, for a two-point increase.

In Castro’s opinion, Zubiri’s numbers improved apparently because he “wasn’t rushing to change the Charter.”

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“However, this could also lead to a decline when the Senate passes Cha-cha,” she said. WITH AN INQUIRER RESEARCH REPORT