ACristina Pedroche O they like changes…It is one of last has to do with your to look. And his change was so radical that viral. There is went from brunette to blonde in a fleeting way yes, but the photos and videos he left with that new face had a huge effect on followers.

The television actress transformed into Barbie with her long, wavy blonde hair these last few days. But all this came as a consequence of celebrating ten years on air at Zapeandowhich is the program in which he collaborates, and what made him decide to celebrate it in such a special way.

He posed with a pink toneThe mini skirt with shiny top with shine and a coat in the same color with platform sandals. “A spectacle. Thank you very much for trusting me, for more crazy things together, my precioushe pointed out.

One of the most famous dolls in the world came out of the boxes to do one of the things she loves most: dance. And he did to the rhythm of Aqua’s Barbie Girl, quite classic.

All types of reactions

Pedroche He never leaves anyone indifferent in every action he undertakes. In this case received good and bad reviews. Among the good ones, the Nagore Robles: “Alaaaa how incredible”, or from Conchita: “My God! It looks incredible on you.” But it does not escape the most furious criticism. “Does she believe in Dua Lipa…”, “She was so beautiful and insisted on ruining herself” or “I’ll spare the description…”, there were several.



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