HA few days ago the story of Fabio Pam, former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo with whom he coincided at the beginning of the Sporting de Portugal academy. The two started together, but while ‘7’ accumulated records and titles, Paim had a frustrated career and ended up in prison.

In recent days, Pam caused controversy when she said in an interview that If he had had Cristiano’s perseverance, he would have competed for the Ballon d’Or with the ex-Real Madrid. The statement had such an impact that even the famous striker reacted. The Portuguese star made a ironic comment via his Instagram account in the publication of the account that uploaded the interview.

“Who is this guy?”were the words of Cristiano in reference to Fábio Pam. In the video, his former teammate claimed to be an extraordinary player, to the point that “if he had continued working and had half the mind that Cristiano has, maybe it wouldn’t be him and Messi. It will be me, Messi and Cristiano. We will be in the fight and Cristiano will not win the balls he has. Maybe one was mine” , bromo Paim

Fábio Pam recognizes that he threw away his football career

In 2020 he had his last experience in football, trying his luck at LZS Starowice in the third division in Poland. ‘The Sun’ newspaper highlights that Fábio Pam’s career “fell into obscurity because of fame, money and her partying lifestyle. She then hit rock bottom when she spent a year in the infamous Caxias prison.” The former footballer acknowledged in the British tabloid that he threw away his football career for the sake of money, fame, women, alcohol and parties. “I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. It was my choice, it was my mistake,” he acknowledges.



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