Wout Poels He's in a great moment. He had a sensational campaign in 2023, winning stages in Tour of France and Tour of Spain. Now the hallway Bahrain left several striking phrases in an interview where he talked about his team, the Paris Games and his former teammate Chris Froome.

“What they did with the Olympic places is ridiculous. I have the feeling that in the last ten years runners have started to take them more seriously, to make them a goal. It’s a shame the peloton only has 90 cyclists,” he said. he said on 'GCN'.

It's ridiculous because you don't have the best at the start, but there are runners from countries with no history of cycling who can't even follow the wheel for 10 kilometers. That there are only 90 cyclists takes away the shine. We, in the Netherlands, will have three vacancies, it is impossible to control a race and you end up making alliances with other countries. Still, if you ask me, I want to go,” added the Bahraini.