Rlegal effort to Technical Committee of Referees hand in hand with two decisions from two courts of Madrid after rejecting the lawsuits filed by Xavier Estrada and six referees IT WAS those whose contracts were not renewed and were not appointed in the last two days. The court accepted the explanations given by the Federation who maintain that “appointments are not automatic and do not imply an absolute and unlimited right to be appointed on successive days”. It is clear that one of the sentences leaves the IT WASin the face of what they consider biased images.

According to the judgment of the complaint presented by the arbitrators of the IT WAS Their absence from the designations “came to avoid possible suspicions and suspicions about the lack of integrity of the competition, even to safeguard the referees themselves from public opinion due to possible doubts regarding their decisions on such decisive days”, all as a result of the bad atmosphere created as a result of the case slave.

“Biased images”

The decision refers to two specific games and the absence of images in certain plays. The already famous Valencia-Real Madrid suffered censorship of some images of the IT WASespecially those that led to the expulsion of Viniciussince since IT WAS They only showed the aggressiveness of the team player Real Madrid, but they did not release the rest of the images in which the Madrid player was attacked and that, consequently, in an attempt to free himself, he defended himself from the previous attack received. The conclusion leaves no room for doubt. “The images were distorted by the VAR assistant”, who was Villanueva Churches.

The second gap found by the court refers to the absence of any decisive image regarding the phantom goal of the Atlético Madrid before him Spanish and that meant the relegation of the Catalan team. “There were images that raised doubts about whether or not the ball had completely entered the goal and were not broadcast.” The VAR referee was José Luis Gonzlez Gonzlez.

On the other hand, court number 32 of Madrid dismissed the action brought by Fernandez Roadwho reported being assigned to a game in a van outside the facility due to alleged threats from Medina Cantalejo in a recording. He asked for 250 thousand euros in compensation, which was rejected.