Colorado's coach opens up about the possible departure of midfielder Gabriel and striker Pedro Henrique

Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Internacional – Caption: Pedro Henrique seems to be close to saying goodbye to Pedro Henrique / Jogada10

Internacional is close to losing two players for the rest of the season. After the 1-0 victory over São José-RS, coach Eduardo Coudet introduced midfielder Gabriel in the last minutes, and after the match he commented on this episode, as well as the future of striker Pedro Henrique.

“Just as we said the market is open to us, this is happening to everyone. And I'm not just talking about Gabriel. I have to choose a team and not put a player who is going to leave and another who will stay. The truth is that here we are trying to create the best group possible, but many players have the opportunity to leave for another team and better conditions. It is often said: “This one could go, this one could come…” began the Argentine coach.

Starting against São José and Guarana Bagé, Pedro Henrique was not used by Coudet in three other matches. The player is in Vasco's sights and his continuation in Beira-Rio in 2024 has not been confirmed.

“And they often agree on who can come, and they also agree on when there is an opportunity to leave. I'm not just talking about Gabriel, but about everyone. I didn't know if I was counting on Pedro (Henrique) for that. (from São José). So he didn't play in the last game (against Santa Cruz). Why didn't he play? Because I gave a chance to someone else who I know will stay,” Coudet said.

“These are different situations and I am also talking about Pedro, not to mention the case of Gabriel. Inter players also have the option of being traded. Everyone chooses their own path,” he added.

“Those who have less time may want to have more of it elsewhere. We have to be clear because convenience is not only for me, but also for the players. That's the whole thing. I don't like talking about Gabriel and Pedro (Henrique). guys. Do you know what each person's individual situation is? Me neither,” he concluded.

Transfers on the domestic market close on March 7. Thus, the soap opera with the duo's departure may extend until the beginning of next month.

Internacional leads Gauchão with 16 points. This is the same result as Grêmio, but Colorado's biggest rival has the worst goal difference: 8 to 7. In fact, both teams will face each other on the 25th round, in the tenth round.

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