The National Congress repealed this Thursday (14) point 1 veto 3/2023, applied by President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva to Law No. 14,533 of 2023, which created the National Digital Education Policy (Pned). With the overturning of this ban, the legal text returns to establishing that digital education, with particular emphasis on digital skills and the teaching of computer science, programming, robotics and other digital skills, will be part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools. The law has its origins in Act PL 4,513/2020, approved by the Senate in December 2022.

Parliamentarians upheld a veto similar to the president's over the prioritization of short-term immersion programs in computing and languages ​​as part of the National Digital Education Policy. The veto was also maintained in the part amending the National Book Policy, defining a book artifact as the publication of texts converted into a digital, magnetic or optical format – including those distributed via the Internet, without the need to transfer possession or ownership – or printed in Braille.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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