The National Congress upheld its partial veto on Thursday (14) (VET 13/2023) applied to the Act 14595, from 2023, which relates to the Environmental Regulation Program (PRA). Parliamentarians fulfilled the agreement concluded with the government to respect the veto on parts of the Transformation Act amending the Atlantic Forests Act (11,428 lei, from 2006) to predict deforestation hypotheses without compensatory measures. This principle is derived from an interim measure (MP) 1.150/2022.

In the Chamber of Deputies, several amendments were made to the interim measure, which changed not only the Forest Code but also the Atlantic Forest Act. Inclusions enabled deforestation in the case of, for example, the construction of electricity transmission lines or gas pipelines, without the need to conduct a prior environmental impact study (EIA) or any compensation. These changes to the Atlantic Forest Act were vetoed, and the vetoes were upheld by congressmen.

In the Senate, these changes were challenged on the basis of an interpretation by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on the grounds that they did not cover the same subject as the interim measure. Because senators also proposed other changes, the text was returned to the House for analysis, which rejected the Senate's objections and forwarded it to the President for approval, upholding the MPs' amendments.

The Member's rapporteur in the House, Deputy Sérgio Souza (MDB-PR), emphasized that the text was agreed by several entities, including the government. The MP then said that his Lula veto would be respected by the parliament.


However, the National Congress decided to reject a specific veto on a given issue. The executive authorities have placed a veto on the ban on restrictions on rural loans for agricultural producers who are in the process of legalizing environmental protection. The government argued that the proposal limits the capabilities of financial institutions. After the veto is overturned, the item becomes legally valid again.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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