The National Congress approved eight budget bills on Thursday (14). In addition to the Multiannual Plan (PPA) 2024-2027 (PLN 28/2023), forecasting A$13.3 trillion in public policy over the next four years, MPs approved projects that unlock a total of A$634.8 million in additional funding in this year's federal budget.

Projects aimed at strengthening the existing budget allocation or including expenses in the budget include: PLN 34/2023, which grants a special loan of R$50.8 million for works and acquisitions by the judiciary. The resources will come from transfers within the judiciary themselves and will therefore have no impact on budgetary targets.

Already PLN 14/2023 opens an additional loan of R$25.8 million to the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation; Agricultural development and family farming; and Women.

According to the government's justification, R$21.5 million will cover expenses related to the maintenance and operational activities of the National Nuclear Energy Commission (Cnen). Of this amount, R$899,000 will be used in Incra to fulfill the commitment made before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to provide redress to the quilombola communities in Alcântara (MA).

The remaining R$3.5 million will be allocated to the implementation of policies related to the National Secretariats for Combating Violence Against Women; Economic Autonomy; and institutional articulation, thematic actions and political participation, all under the Ministry of Women.

ABOUT 21/2023 PLNin turn, allocates AUD 393 million to the Brazilian Blood Derivatives and Biotechnology Company (Hemobrás). Already PLN 23/2023 allocates R$129.9 million to reduce INSS queues. The money will cover expenses incurred in connection with the so-called Interim measure 1,181/2023which established the Social Security Queue Combating Program.

The program aims to shorten the process analysis time; comply with expired court decisions; conducting specialized medical examinations and analyzing documents; and conduct a specialized medical examination specifically for a federal official. The loan will also increase the overall cost of the program to reduce queues for expert opinions.

Loan opening of R$19.5 million PLN 20/2023 to the port of Santos and to the Brazilian Agency of Guarantee Funds and Guarantees (ABGF). The value comes from both companies' own resources. ABGF helps implement public policies using funds and guarantees from EU funds. It will allocate R$ 442,700 for the modernization of equipment and technological systems.

For Santos Port, R$19 million will be allocated to complete the paving and drainage of Avenida Perimetral Portuária, which provides access to the port. Most of this work will be completed in 2022; however, due to delays in obtaining environmental permits, they will be implemented under the 2023 Budget.

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PLN 14/2023 Additional loan of R$25.9 million to the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation, Agricultural Development and Family Farming and Women
PLN 16/2023 Additional loan of R$11.6 million to the Federal Court, the Federal Public Ministry and the National Council of the Public Ministry
PLN 17/2023 Special loan of R$4.1 million to the Federal and Electoral Courts
PLN 20/2023 Additional loan of R$19.5 million to the Port Authority of Santos SA and the Brazilian Agency for the Management of Guarantee Funds and Guarantees SA
21/2023 PLN Special loan of R$393 million to the Ministry of Health to increase the Union's share in the Brazilian Blood Derivatives and Biotechnology Company (Hemobrás)
PLN 23/2023 A special loan of R$129.9 million for the anti-queuing program of the Ministry of Social Security.
PLN 28/2023 Establishes the Union's Multiannual Plan (PPA) for 2024-2027
PLN 34/2023 Special loan of R$50.8 million for federal, electoral and labor courts

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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