During his speech in plenary on Tuesday (2), Senator Cleitinho (Republicanos-MG) questioned the Federal Supreme Court's (STF) tender for the purchase of mineral water. According to the senator, the tender price for the purchase was PLN 109,000. 500ml bottles was R$2.90 per bottle. For sparkling mineral water, a 350 ml bottle was priced at R$2.42. Cleitinho said he called the supermarket and was informed that each 500 ml bottle of mineral water costs R$0.81. As for the sparkling mineral water, the supermarket quoted a purchase price of R$1.38 for each 350 ml bottle.

— The money doesn't come out of their pockets! The money will come out of your pocket! Are you willing to pay that price? Isn't it much easier to put up a fountain? What is this water? Do you have honey? – asked the senator.

Cleitinho also criticized the government's exemption from the tender for hiring a company that will provide the service of sending food baskets to indigenous communities. He asked the Federal Court of Audit (TCU) to investigate the situation as the budget for this service was R$211 million. According to the senator, the army already provides this type of services, which would mean significant savings for the public purse. He emphasized that monitoring public spending is important and said he knows how to “do it very well.”


In his speech, Cleitinho asked for respect for the family of former president Jair Bolsonaro. He played a recording in which former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro assured that she was not concerned that her husband was in the Hungarian embassy. Michelle, whom Cleitinho called the “eternal and beloved first lady”, stated that Bolsonaro is faithful and trusts her husband completely.

– If she's not worried, why are you? Is this fear? Cleitinho asked.

Loss of father

The senator also talked about his father's death. José Maria de Azevedo died last week at the age of 70 from bladder cancer. He left behind a wife, four children and seven grandchildren. Cleitinho was emotional when he announced that he had heard his father's last heartbeat and said that it was the saddest moment of his life, but he still wanted to thank God for the time they spent together.

— Thank you very much, my God, for 41 years of life with my father. Eternal gratitude for my father! – said the senator, kneeling on the stand.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)