The film A24 directed by Alex Garland hits theaters on April 26th

The portrait of war and social collapse in cinema are starting to look less and less dystopian in their mirroring of the real world. In the trailer for A24's next film Civil warKirsten Dunst is a photographer on the front lines of an epic battle in which civilians and journalists are targeted by government airstrikes.

“Every time I survived a war zone, I thought I was sending a warning home,” says Dunst’s character. “'Don't do that.' But here we are.” At one point, a reporter announces on the radio that 19 states have seceded. In another, the President of the United States (played by Nick Offerman) declares: “Citizens of America, the so-called Western forces of Texas and California have suffered a very great defeat at the hands of the United States military.”

Written and directed by Alex Garland, Civil war is described in a synopsis as “a race for the White House in a near-future America poised on a knife’s edge.” In one of the trailer's most chilling moments, the president recites the Pledge of Allegiance as tanks and bombs demolish entire buildings, heedless of the staggering casualties.


In a 2022 interview with the Telegraph, Garland said the film may be the last one he directs before focusing primarily on screenwriting. He also described Civil war as a sort of companion piece to his British folk horror film Men (2022). He added that it is “set at an indeterminate point in the future – just far enough ahead that I can add a conceit,” and works as an allegory for our current social polarization.

Civil war also stars Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Sonoya Mizuno and Cailee Spaeny, who recently starred in Sofia Coppola's film. Priscilla.



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