• Chick-fil-A has opened the first physical location of its new Little Blue Menu restaurant in Maryland.
  • The Little Blue Menu serves many Chick-fil-A dishes, as well as chicken wings and burgers.
  • I visited the restaurant to see if the chicken wings were good.

Chick-fil-A draws crowds with its fried chicken sandwiches. But the company is trying to prove with the new restaurant that it can also do other things.

This September, the company opened its first permanent Little Blue Menu location in College Park, Maryland. The restaurant is located right next to the University of Maryland and thousands of hungry students.

Little Blue Menu serves two things you won’t find at standard Chick-fil-A restaurants: chicken wings and burgers. You can also order regular Chick-fil-A menu items, including the fried chicken sandwich.

The restaurant chain has been trying to enter the chicken wings market for several years. Little Blue Menu has started serving food in Nashville and Atlanta through ghost kitchens, which prepare food for delivery or pickup but do not have a dining room. Both operations appear to have been completed.

Chick-fil-A also registered the “Outfox Wings” name in 2021.

To find out if Chick-fil-A’s wings were good, I went to the Little Blue Menu in College Park.


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