Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda It is Khushi Kapoor made a notable debut with Zoya Akhtar directed 'The Archies'. The film was released on OTT on December 7 and has been receiving praise from the industry.
Recently, child artist Chhavi Bora, who participated in the narrative, removed photos of BTS from the sets. She was seen posing with Suhana Khan and Khushi Kapoor. Chhavi Bora also clicked with Aryan Khanconfirming that he appeared on the sets of the film. Chhavi captioned the snaps, “Super happy with a small part in Archie. Amazing experience and memories working with a wonderful team. #archiesonnetflix #suhanakhan #khushikapoor #agastyananda #zoyaakhtar #archiescomics.”
Saluting Zoya Akhtar for the film, KJo shared, “Straight from the credits list, you are sucked straight into @zoieakhtar's world and with her impeccable skill and command, she makes sure you are hooked! , the costume will impress you with its elegant details and aesthetic victories.”
Praising the kids who star in the film, Karan added, “The new kids on the block are fantastic… Agastya Nanda (get on Insta, baby) is fantastic! !!! @mihirahuja_ is brilliant, he has impeccable comedic timing and yet scores on a very emotional beat! I loved @dotandthesyllables, she is like sunshine through and through @khushi05k while Betty broke my heart in the most beautiful way! Mind your silent moments… and your compassionate eyes! A heartbreaker in every way!!!! I loved her! @suhanakhan2 as VERONICA is coquettish, vulnerable and sassy! All this with the ease of a veteran! Watch her movements and rhythms and that boldness reaches its peak in the green park! She is here to stay and conquer! @yuvrajmenda is so good!!!!! He made me cry in one scene and watch out his “thank you” is going viral very soon!!!! @vedangraina while REGGIE speaks! He exudes charm and confidence in equal measure and has that movie star style!! He also dances with unabashed ease.”

Os Arquies Song – In Raahon Mein



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