Put your dogs in Final Fantasy too (Photo: Twitter)

Fans of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts now have a place to get cute gifts for your pets, but it will cost you.

Square Enix's stellar remake, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, has not only been well-received by fans and critics, but apparently by dogs as well.

The publisher opened a merchandise store featuring clothing and accessories specifically aimed at pets, called Sqex Pets.

The merchandise isn't available for purchase yet, but listings so far include a Final Fantasy 7 Buster Sword wind-up toy, a Kingdom Hearts dog bed, and a Dragon Quest slime house.

Among the most attractive and cute items are the Final Fantasy 7 Buster Sword wind-up toy and the Kingdom Hearts Sora dog outfit. (At this time, only dogs are photographed wearing the items, but some appear to be suitable for cats as well.)

The Sqex Pets website states that it is prepared to develop products for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts pets – in collaboration with Disney.

“We plan to produce capes, bandanas and clothing inspired by characters and worldviews, as well as items that can be enjoyed as interiors, such as large nail clippers and beds,” he said. it says.

The store launched today at a Japanese pet trade event, though it's unclear when the items will be available on the website, which just says “coming soon” under each listing.

It is also unknown how much the items will cost or whether it ships its products internationally. Although it doesn't look promising to anyone outside of Japan, as the site is currently in Japanese only.

What we do know is that they look lovely, which means demand will be high and expensive imports will flood eBay the moment the site opens properly.

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