You can give your old and new gaming gear a second life (Photo:

Second-hand retailer CeX has launched a no-repair, no-pay partnership with 'cutting-edge tech repair nerds' to fix old and new gaming gear.

If your PlayStation 5 or Mega Drive console has broken or is just gathering dust in your garage, games retailer CeX and repair company Tech Center want to offer a solution.

This can be especially useful for retro gamers, which, as our trip to the London Gaming Market proved, is still a thriving community.

The new repair scheme will cover new and old consoles, handheld devices and controllers, and you will only have to pay if the equipment is successfully repaired.

CeX works as a delivery point for what needs repair, while the Tech Center carries out the repair itself.

If the Tech Center is unable to repair your gaming equipment, there will be no fee to pay for the attempt. If the repair is successful, you pay for the repair but also receive a two-year warranty.

O Technological Center The site claims it can fix your console, handheld, or controller in about seven days. Fees range from £26.99 for controllers to £39.99 to repair an original Game Boy and £99.99 to repair a PlayStation 5 console.

Other gaming equipment it says it can repair is Xbox 360 through Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, NES, PlayStation 2 through 6 (but not PlayStation 1), as well as Sega Dreamcast and new and old controllers.

The Tech Center claims to have performed more than 200,000 repairs, and you can check which equipment it can repair and for how much on its website.

Sega Mega Drive minigame console

They even repair Mega Drives (Photo: Sega)

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