IThe Grizzlies are a lost cause. The bad start to the season and the long wait I Morant They weigh on a franchise that, until recently, was at the top of the West. It’s hard to see green shoots in those first few weeks, but Santo Aldama became the exception.

The canary, taking advantage of the confidence it gives him Taylor Jenkins, He’s been one of the team’s best in recent games. Little by little, he has been building a beneficial role for his game. The icing on the cake was the performance against the Boston Celtics last night.

28 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists in his best game so far in the NBA. All this, with a 15/06 in triple and 27/11 in shots field. Looking at the basket more than ever, he took it upon himself to act when things go wrong.

Santi Aldama, with Jaren Jackson Jr.Brandon DillSHOVEL

The Grizzlies showed their faces

Memphis, which haven’t won a home game yet (0-6), he faced one of the biggest contenders in the ring. The Celtics didn’t feel comfortable from the start. Tatum and Brown caused damage to local defense, although the most notable ended up being Porzingis (26 points).

A choral exercise and a demonstration of solidity gave the victory to the hammer. AND exertion exercise which speaks well of Memphis’ work, despite the loss of Ja Morant and the loss of the entire season Steve Adams.

Aldama, very comfortable, take advantage of its versatility to set up blocks and get out, break the dribble towards the basket and, one of his specialties, cut without the ball towards the rim. Good work on the opposing table (4 offensive rebounds), to end up being the best on his team along with Desmond Banewhich ended with 30 points.

“He is a player very dynamic. He can do a lot of things, yeah a threat from outside, attacks the rim, generates play. “The fact that he’s in the starting five gives us more size and more versatility,” explained Bane, the Grizzlies’ big star without Morant, after the game.



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