Kitsilano Pool had a leak, and it's a big problem.

An estimated 30,000 liters of pool water are spilled per hour when it is operational, according to the Vancouver Parks and Recreation Board; the pool closed for the season on September 4th.

The exact cause of the leak is not known, but the investigation so far has shown “multiple instances of shearing and breaking of pipes,” a report to the board states.

“This damage is due to catastrophic mechanical and structural damage to the pool basin, pool structure and perimeter drains sustained during weather events in November 2021 and January 2022, including a combined storm surge and king tide that caused significant damage to the infrastructure,” a parks board spokesperson told VIA

The pool has a capacity of 5,905,240 liters when full.

The fate of the water is also unclear, although it appears some of it is heading into the ocean. While the water is sanitized for pool users, dechlorination tablets are added during the pool's months of operation to essentially remove the chlorine.

As things stand now, it's uncertain whether the parks board will resume pool operations in the new year.

“Technical experts have concluded that the pool will not be operational reliably in the future,” says the spokesperson. “This will mean possible impacts for the 2024 outdoor pool season.”

No repairs are currently scheduled for the iconic pool.

In a report to the parks board on Monday, Dec. 11, staff explained the situation to commissioners. In a PowerPoint presentation about the pool, they noted that it was aging and had been in existence for over 50 years, well beyond its “expected lifespan.” Along with the leak in the pipes, some concrete slabs in the swimming pool is cracked.

Other issues in and around the pool include the fact that it is located on a coastal plain, damage from recent storms, and the damaged Kitsilano Showboat.

The next step is a feasibility study to assess what it will take to save the pool and how much it could cost the city. First, the city needs to approve funding for the feasibility study.



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