US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo speaks with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. during lunch in MalaccanoPalace on Monday. Raimondo is leading a high-level mission to the country March 11-12, joined by American business leaders and senior corporate executives to discuss “business development incentives and regulatory reforms.” (INQUIRIER/ MARIANNE BERMUDEZ)

MANILA, Philippines – The double-digit decline in President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s trust and approval ratings may have resulted from his support for Charter (Cha-cha) change, said House Deputy Minority Leader and party Rep. from ACT teachers France Castro on Wednesday. .

In February this year, Marcos expressed his support for amending the 1987 Constitution, but only in its economic provisions, as these changes are “strategically intended” to boost the country's economy.

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Castro related this to the results of the latest Pulse Asia poll, showing that Marcos's approval and confidence ratings decreased by 13 points from 68 in December 2023 to 55 in March 2024, and 16 points from 73 in December 2023 to 57 in March 2023, respectively.

“The same can be said of the other senior officials in the survey, with Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri being the only one to get a minimum 2 percent increase for not rushing the Charter change. However, this could also lead to a decline when the Senate approves Cha-cha,” Castro said, referring to the two-point increase in Zubiri's confidence rating, now at 53 percent, and the three-point increase in in approval rating, from 49 to 52 percent.

“This just shows that the overwhelming majority of Filipinos are against Cha-cha in any form. Therefore, it would be better for the Marcos Jr. administration to stop wasting time and resources on this and abandon it now so it can focus more on what the Filipino people really need,” he added.

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According to the lawmaker, her statement is also based on the results of the Pulse Asia survey on Cha-cha, which showed that 88 percent of respondents said the Constitution should not be amended or amended, 8 percent said it should be amended now, while 4 percent said it should be amended now, while 4 percent said the Constitution should not be amended or changed. percent remain undecided.

In addition to Marcos, Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte's trust and approval ratings also decreased seven points, from 78 to 71 percent and 74 to 67 percent, respectively.

Castro stressed that these results reflect the feelings of the Filipino people on issues such as Cha-cha and the position of key officials on the matter.

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