Carlos Ancelotti held a press conference in Leipzig thinking about the best eleven around the Real Madrid to its competition, the Champions. From his words, everything indicates that Carvajal He will remain as a defender and warns that he needs to form an eleven with height as it is one of the strong points of tonight's rival.

How do you see the tie: “We're doing well. The opponent is powerful, intense, with quality. We have to play a complete game.”

Just two defeats this season: “I don't know if it's the best season, as a sequel, yes. I see a solid, motivated team, with no complaints… Everything is fine at the moment despite everything we've been through.”

Good moment from Kroos: “It's difficult to say it's the best time, because it's always the best. He takes advantage of the energy of young people. His pass percentage is the same as it was 10 years ago.”

The secret to staying motivated: “Because I like what I do and where I do it. And the squad I have. And now the competition that this club loves most is back.”

The accidents: “If you had told me in August that we came into this game like this, I would have thought we got through the group stage. There's no need to think about those who aren't there.”

Tomorrow's starting goalkeeper: “I'm clear about that, don't worry.”

Kroos' future: “I'm not mad that he didn't decide. It's his decision. I think a player, like a coach, should stop at the top. And that could be this year or next. He really enjoys playing football, he's not a question of money or other things.”

Convince the need: “You have to know if you can convince the player if he can play in a position. They understand the need. Never force things, convince.”

If Brahim can play tomorrow and Carvajal as a defender: “It's a track he played when Jude wasn't there. Leipzig is very good at set pieces and that's not his strong point. He scored 26 goals in transition. That's important. Then Carvajal did very well as a central defender .Should I remove it from there?”

Kroos and selection: “It's your decision and you have to respect it.”

How he manages Madrid's generational transition. “It's natural, there's no need to force it. There are legends who left, others stay… the basis is the veterans' lack of ego, which has allowed young people to adapt well to the squad and the club.”