You should be aware that, in general, listening music it can improve mood, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. That said, many people find listening to classical music, especially works by Mozart, enjoyable and calming. Listening to Mozart's music can be enjoyable, but it can also increase your brain functioning. If you like the catchy song, there's no harm in listening to it.
The “Mozart effect”, which is the theory that listening to Mozart helps improve brain function, became well known in the 1990s. The idea originated from a 1993 study by Rauscher, Shaw and Ky that discovered the spatio-temporal reasoning of university students. their skills temporarily improved when they listened to Mozart's sonata for two pianos in D major for about ten minutes.

But it's crucial to remember the following:

Limited evidence: Subsequent research has produced inconsistent results, despite the initial study's short-term improvement in specific cognitive activities. The body of research proving that listening to Mozart can increase overall intellect in the long term is sparse and controversial.
Short-term experiment: The observed effects were limited to spatiotemporal tasks; they did not always correspond to an increase in IQ or other cognitive abilities.

Short-term: If there was any impact, it was transient and had no long-term influence on the intellect.
Individual effect: People's reactions to music, even Mozart's, can differ greatly from one another. One person may not get the same results with something that works for them.
Although there was initially a lot of excitement about the Mozart effect, further studies have not shown that listening to Mozart's music can improve intellect or overall cognitive performance. Such statements must be viewed critically and the complexity of cognitive processes taken into account.

The conclusion

There is insufficient scientific evidence to substantiate the precise claims made about Mozart's music having a significant and lasting effect on intelligence. However, an individual's subjective appreciation of music can significantly benefit their mental and emotional well-being.

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