Busy Philipps had a terrifying experience when her 15-year-old daughter had a seizure in another country (Photo: Instagram)

Busy Philipps has described the terrifying moment she watched her daughter have a seizure on FaceTime.

O The former Dawson's Creek actress' eldest child, 15-year-old Birdie – who she has with ex-husband Marc Silverstein – attends boarding school in Sweden.

So when disaster struck, a horrified Busy, 44, had to watch her medical episode from afar.

Talking about her Busy Philipps is doing her best podcast yetshe said: 'I was kind of muttering to myself and then I heard Marc shouting for me and I thought, “What does this guy want now?”

'And I went up, but then I heard his voice and realized something was really wrong. And he just said, “It’s Birdie, it’s Birdie. She had another seizure. The paramedics are on the phone.

“The paramedics were on FaceTime and she had just come out of the seizure and was still in the post-aura state. They were like, connecting her with things and on FaceTime.

Busy Philipps and two daughters

The actress is mother to Birdie Leigh, 15, and Cricket Pearl, 11 (Photo: Instagram)

Birdie and her friend had dropped out of school to go to the cinema in Stockholm and Busy recalled how “terrifying” it was to see her “arriving”.

She added that her daughter's friend who was with her was “holding the phone” doing “a weird medium shot.”

'You could see everything that was happening. Then it seemed so strange.

She added that Birdie was “reaching for the camera” and “calling out” to her.

The teenager was saying, 'Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Where are you? Mommy.

Busy then praised her daughter's friend, Sarah, for taking control of the scary situation.

'Sarah, the bird's friend, screams Sarah, literally, I don't even understand. She's 17, but this girl got one person to go tell the theater, to top it off, she got two guys they obviously didn't know, who were sitting in the back, because Birdie started choking and throwing up, to move Birdie gently onto the floor and put it aside. She asked someone else to call Swedish 911.

Busy had to seek advice from her therapist after the ordeal (Photo: Instagram)

After the ordeal, Busy, Marc and their 11-year-old daughter, Cricket, caught the first flight from New York to Sweden, while friend Sarah waited at the hospital with Birdie overnight.

Once the teenager was discharged, she was discharged and taken home to the United States.

Describing the emotional toll this all had on her, Busy said that although Birdie was “ok”, she needed to open up to her therapist about it.

'My therapist said yesterday that she said, 'It feels like you're dissociating.'

“And I understand because I feel like this year, yeah, I don't understand what's going on.”

The actress added that she feels “trapped in a movie” and just desperately wants to “be in the movie.” [my life] again'.

“Like, my movie, where things are okay.”

Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein

Her ex-husband, Marc Silverstein, once had to rush to his daughter's side (Photo: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
Birdie and Marc separated in 2021 after 14 years of marriage (Photo: Instagram)

Busy admitted it wasn't the first time she couldn't be with Birdie when she had a seizure.

The teenager had previously fainted while on set for the first day of filming her upcoming film, Mean Girls.

Unable to leave the set, Busy explained how Marc 'ran to school', arriving at the same time as the paramedics.

“It was really horrible to see it on screen, being in a different country, across the ocean,” Busy added.

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