The team won two matches in a row, which gave them a chance to advance in the competition.

February 12
– 21:52

(update at 21:52)

Photo: Disclosure/Ponte Preta / Esporte News Mundo

Last Saturday at the Moisés Lucarelli Stadium, Ponte Preta defeated São Paulo (10) with a score of 2-0. The team remained in second place in Group B with 12 points.

Defeating the team that had recently won the title, Macaca was victorious over Botafogo-SP to make it two wins in a row. Coach João Brigatti commented on the energy he brought to the team.

— We have put all relegation situations behind us and now we have to think about looking to the future and look for other situations. We obtained a result that suggests a different situation in the promotion table. These two victories strengthen us enough that at the end of the first phase we can smile, but always with humility and with our feet on the ground, he said.

The team from Campinas faced a lot of criticism at the beginning of the season when they were unable to respond on the pitch and had a difficult start. The coach emphasized that there are “vultures” who only observe what is negative.

– We can only answer this with work. The work shows the team's evolution with each match. A team that never lacked energy. It is logical that at the beginning of the championship, especially considering the problems in the preparation period, one could imagine that we would suffer at the beginning. So there are several factors that should be praised and those vultures that want to see the complicated situation here in Ponte released, he added.

Ponte Preta returns to the field against Bragantino next Wednesday (14) at 21:30 (Brazilian time) in Bragança Paulista.