Like Winston Churchill's bowler hats and Margaret Thatcher's tailored skirts, Rishi Sunak's image as Prime Minister looks set to become synonymous with cropped trousers.

The skinny, tailored look, reminiscent of a mid-90s indie band, is said to be the prime minister's favorite because he believes it helps him look taller in photos. But according to Saville Row tailors, the tiny trousers could inadvertently mean the 5ft 7in Sunak is falling short.

Iordana Marin, London tailor at JohnDana, explained: “Shorter trousers are more of an Italian tailoring style that has been used for four years. This kind of cut is not for Rishi Sunak.

“It’s not for people who are in positions of power. The cut is more for parties, for more fashionable people. For him, the length of his pants should touch his shoes, it’s not working for him.”

Another tailor, from Hidalgo Brothers in Saville Row, said the scratches on Sunak's ankle may not be helping him at all.

Sunak and his ankles at a battery factory in July (Getty)

When asked if shorter pants could help people with vertical disabilities, they explained: “I don't think necessarily. It could, but they would have to be narrower. Because if it's shorter and wider, it will actually make you look shorter. This is very important.”

The issue first hit the headlines in 2021 when the Prime Minister sat down to interview Gordon Ramsay, which caused his pants to awkwardly ride up.

At the time, Sunak's custom tailor Henry Herbert jumped to the Prime Minister's defense saying The Independent that short pants give a “more professional” look.

The sartorial conundrum arose again on Tuesday when The Sun's political editor questioned the Prime Minister about his apparent fashion faux pas.

Sunak defended himself, replying: “Well, I don’t think they’re that low.”

Asked if he thought his style was fashionable, he added: “I tend to not like a lot of baggy things at the bottom of the ankle.”

Personal stylist Nick Hems agrees with the Prime Minister and has urged critics to take their pants down a notch.

“He is current and has his own style. People think it's a young man's joke to wear pants like that, but it's still a very common thing to do. It’s not uncommon to ask your tailor to alter your pants in this way.”