Miguel Bos He wanted intervene in the current of opinion on the farmers’ crisis and he did it with force and being, visually, very expressive through his social networks. He wanted to endorse it with a image this caused a sensation.

O photography, created by Artificial Intelligence, That's it a street full of people with Spanish flags, two rows of tractors and, in the middle, bulls running.

And all this seasoned with Bos' phrase that couldn't be more meaningful. “They are the ones who feed us, not governments,” he wrote. the artist.

Miguel Bos's reflection

And it wasn't just that. No. The singer wanted to add more content with other reflections on the subject. “Let us support without limits and with all our voices and rights the winners, farmers and fishermen. This is over. Not a step back!”.

To all this, the Spanish farmers began the seventh day of protests this Monday, with tractor trailers and roads closed across the country, including the Community of Madrid. It was treated the second of “indefinite unemployment” of the Cargo Transport Platform and the producers of Platform 6F.

Las The protests are motivated by “pressure” from European Union (EU) policies, which “threaten the viability of agricultural holdings”appointed the provincial general secretary of COAG in Madrid, Ivana Martínez.