ANDThis Tuesday passed by 'Resistance', the hit program presented by David Broncanothe Getafe football player Mayor of Borja. After football players like Gerard Piqu, Borja Iglesias or Iaki Williams, the blue one visited Movistar's Late Night and left several anecdotes to the program's presenter.

In it, several times the “Borja Selection” by the audience gathered in the theater. The conversation talked about that call from De la Fuente: “They didn't tell me anything, I don't know if it's good or bad, no one from the Federation contacted me”, said the striker.

Talking about other players like Joselu and Borja Iglesiaswho received the call from La Roja after his time at La Resistencia, the blue man was blunt: “That's why I came,” he said, causing laughter from the audience and the presenter, who joked about a warning from De la Fuente to the player about a possible connection: “Okay, but no, I’m waiting, let’s try,” he said.

Arturo Valls and Fantasy

Another topic of conversation was Fantasy Brand, with which Borja Mayoral received, according to David Broncano, more messages for his points than for his objectives: “People write to Fantasy”, he said. “Now I’m scoring goals, last year you didn’t invite me, right?” Borja scolded with humor.

David was talking about a league with Arturo Valls and a mistake in purchasing the striker from Getafe, worth seven million euros. “It would be four in the morning and instead of 7, page 17,” Broncano said. “I'm giving him results. Arturo, don't worry, I'll continue in the top positions,” Mayoral said to the camera.

A risky bet

David Broncano and Borja Mayoral made a promise regarding the duel that Getafe will play next Tuesday against Atlético de Madrid: “On Tuesday we play against Atlético, be careful”, they told Broncano, a self-confessed mattress fan: “Be careful Getafe,” I replied.

The presenter insisted to the player that Getafe will not get anything positive from Metropolitano, to which parliament wanted to contest: “Impossible, what are we at stake? I'm calm because we achieved something”, he said. and also promised to make a gesture to mark himself in the red-white manor in dedication to Broncano.

If you have empathy, I will do the program for a whole week wearing a Getafe shirt. “If you win, I'll spend a whole week wearing the Getafe shirt, I'll invite you to a seafood restaurant and I'll give you a signed Atlético shirt,” said the program presenter.

The classic questions

You can't miss La Resistencia's classic questions. Money in the bank and sexual relations in the last month“Why don't you ever talk about what you have?” he told the presenter about the first of them. “Real Madrid, Roma, I played for big teams, things didn't go bad for me, calculate the goals I've scored this season and “I have two goals in the Cup, which also count”, suggesting that there are around eleven million euros.

“In the last month?” he asked about the last of the questions. “In the last month I scored four or five goals, it goes with it. You score a goal, you're happy that week. I've been in Paris for two days without my son… and the one I lost before coming,” concluded a Borja Mayoral who In addition to giving David Broncano a t-shirt, he left a sticker on the table that will be seen on the program from now on, replacing the influencer. Mara Pombo.