Boris Epshteyn is an American political strategist, attorney, and media personality known for his involvement in Republican politics and his support for former President Donald Trump. Read this article to find out more about his net worth.

Boris Epshteyn was born on August 14, 1982, in Moscow, Russia. He immigrated to the United States as a refugee with his family in 1993 under the Lautenberg amendment of 1990. The family settled in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey.

His early education took place in New Jersey, where he attended West Windsor-Plainsboro High School and graduated in 2000. He then began his higher education journey, initially enrolling at Swarthmore College in 2000. However, he transferred to Georgetown University after one year.

At Georgetown University, Epshteyn pursued a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) degree and graduated in 2004. During his undergraduate years, he became a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) fraternity.

After completing his undergraduate studies, he continued his education at Georgetown by earning a Juris Doctor degree from the Georgetown University Law Center in 2007.

Following his legal education, Epshteyn began his professional career in finance. He worked at the law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, focusing on securities transactions, private placements, and bank finance.

Later, he transitioned into investment banking, holding positions at West America Securities Corporation and TGP Securities.

Boris Epshteyn’s political career took off when he became a communications aide during John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. He was part of a rapid response task force, particularly involved in issues related to vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

In 2013, Epshteyn’s career shifted again, this time to political commentary and advisory roles. He served as the strategic advisor and co-chair of the Jewish Voices for Trump Advisory Board during Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Epshteyn played a pivotal role in the campaign’s Jewish outreach efforts, appearing in media interviews and participating in campaign events across the United States.

Epshteyn remained a close advisor to Donald Trump, even after his presidency. He was part of a team that aimed to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Epshteyn was subpoenaed to testify before the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack in January 2022.


Boris Epshteyn Net Worth

Boris Epshteyn has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million through his diverse career in politics, law, finance, and media. His financial journey, which began with a legal background and ventures into finance and investment banking, eventually transitioned into the political arena.

Epshteyn’s political involvement, notably as a strategic advisor on Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns, contributed to his net worth.

While Boris Epshteyn’s specific financial portfolio and income sources are not publicly disclosed in detail, it is evident that his multifaceted career has allowed him to accumulate a substantial net worth.

His role as a media commentator, political strategist, and advisor to prominent political figures has likely played a significant part in his financial success.

Boris Epshteyn Career

Boris Epshteyn has carved a notable career as a Republican political strategist, attorney, and investment banker. Epshteyn gained prominence as a political advisor, particularly in Republican circles.

He was a crucial member of Donald Trump’s team, serving as a senior advisor during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. His contributions were instrumental in helping Trump secure his presidential victory.

After Trump’s election victory, Epshteyn took on the role of director of communications for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. This position placed him at the heart of organizing and managing the communication efforts surrounding Trump’s inauguration.

Even after Trump’s presidency, Epshteyn continued to be a close advisor to the former president. His insights and counsel remained valued within Trump’s inner circle, emphasizing his enduring influence in Republican politics.

Epshteyn extended his reach to the media world. He served as the chief political commentator at Sinclair Broadcast Group, a media conglomerate, until December 2019.

His presence in the media allowed him to share his political insights and analysis with a broader audience.

In the 2020 re-election campaign, Boris Epshteyn took on a significant role as the strategic advisor and co-chair of the Jewish Voices for Trump Advisory Board.

He led the campaign’s Jewish outreach efforts, engaging in media appearances and large-scale events across the country.

Before delving into politics, Epshteyn had a background in law and finance. He graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center with a Juris Doctor degree in 2007. His experience included working on securities transactions, private placements, and bank finance.

Boris Epshteyn’s professional journey also took him into the world of investment banking. He held positions at investment banking firms, including West America Securities Corporation and TGP Securities, where he was responsible for business and legal affairs.

Boris Epshteyn Family

Boris Epshteyn, a prominent American political strategist and attorney, values his family and maintains a relatively private personal life. While public information about his family is limited, here is what is known:

Boris Epshteyn is married to Lauren Tanick Epshteyn. Lauren is a sales manager at Google, a multinational technology company. The couple tied the knot in 2009, marking the beginning of their journey together.

Together, Boris and Lauren Epshteyn have welcomed a child into their family. However, specific details about their child, such as their name and birthdate, remain private.

The Epshteyn family’s decision to keep their child’s life away from the public eye reflects their commitment to maintaining a degree of privacy in their personal affairs.

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