'Animal', released on December 1st, became a huge topic of discussion across the Internet. Various aspects of the film and specific scenes or dialogues are talked about extensively. Although it received a lot of criticism, there is also a large portion of the audience that is completely in love with some of the performances and characters in the film. Bobby Deol he just has a kind of extended cameo in the film, as the actor has much less screen time.
Still, Bobby has immense appreciation for his performance. Although his entrance song went viral in the film, fans can't stop praising him despite the fact that he didn't have any dialogue. His character Abrar has three wives in the film and he was seen committing marital rape in the film.
Bobby finally reacted to this scene and all the 'Animal' criticism. He said they are not trying to promote marital rape or anything like that. However, it was necessary. Because how else does one show a character in such a short amount of time or how else does one show what a man is capable of or what kind of person he is. So these scenes were necessary.
He further added that films are influenced by what is happening in society. It exists in society and the film does not promote it. As actors, your job is just to portray characters and entertain people. If this weren't the case, the film wouldn't be as successful. The actor said that from the moment he heard about his character, he knew there was a lot he could do in the film without saying a word and that the energy brought out the best in him.
Therefore, when he was performing, he had no inhibitions! In addition to Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby, all the actors from 'Animal' – Rashmika MandannaAnil Kapoor, Winter TriptychShakti Kapoor received a lot of praise.



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