Paramount's musical biopic Bob Marley: One Love will tower over Sony/Marvel Lady Teia with an expected gross of $30 million to $35 million compared to the Marvel pic's $20 million to $25 million during the six-day period of Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day.

While these numbers haven't changed much since they hit the tracking, doesn't that seem a little anticlimactic for the President's Day period? I mean, Disney/Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania grossed $120.3 million in its four-day opening a year ago, and many threw cold water on that result. Go ahead: who wouldn't want that right now?

“In a period without going to the cinema, it is difficult to start over, unless you have a franchise-type film, which Dune: Part Two it’s early March,” noted a rival film executive insightful about the impact of Hollywood’s two attacks on the 2024 theatrical schedule.

Bob Marley: One Love It's definitely solid with multicultural audiences, but it's also a top pick as it plays with older women, older men, and younger women. Paramount has the most PLFs for this $70 million PG-13 feature film production directed by King RichardReinaldo Marcus Green and stars Kingsley Ben-Adir in the title role. The overall theater count is 3,500 theaters.

Rotten Tomatoes critics have it at 37% Rotten, which is lower than Paramount's 2019 Elton John biopic rocket man which shot 89% Certified Fresh. Bob Marley: One Love also hits 47 international markets this week, including Australia, Benelux, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, Scandinavia, Spain and the United Kingdom. Italy will leave on February 22, South Korea on March 14 and Japan on May 10.

For most exhibitors, we understand Bob Marley: One Love is selling more than Lady Teia Advance ticket sales 2 for 1.

Lady Teia it has all Imax screens and a few PLFs in its 4,000-theater count. Pic is trending with younger women and men. Sony has been moving lately to emphasize the thriller aspect of the film rather than any connection to the Spider-Man universe; There is concern that fanboys are anti-female superhero films, since The wonders recorded the lowest opening for Disney/Marvel Studios at $46.1 million in the United States, $84.5 million domestic final and $206 million global. There are no comments yet for Lady Teia. The world premiere is tonight in Westwood.

Whatever it is Lady Teia what he lacks, he makes up for in talent with Dakota Johnson, who was box office queen on Valentine's Day/Presidents' Day before with Fifty Shades of grey, and Sydney “Bringing Back the Rom-Com” Sweeney, who is making money with Sony Nobody but you which is about to gross US$200 million worldwide. Lady Teia cost $80 million before P&A. The feature film Spider-Women was co-written by Claire Parker, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless; the latter duo wrote Sony/Marvel's Morbius ($39M domestic opening, $73.8M domestic final, $167.4M WW).

Both Bob Marley: One Love It is Lady Teia will be opening cold (no Tuesday night previews) on Valentine's Day, a profitable day to go to the movies.

We will update you when we have more news from abroad.