The Blind Bay resort was fined by the Ministry of the Environment for violating municipal wastewater regulations.

In an administrative penalty determination, the owners of Carmel Beach Private Lodges in Blind Bay were fined $2,319 for the violation.

The resort has a licensed wastewater treatment plant that treats sewage before it is discharged into Shuswap Lake.

The permit is especially strict because it discharges in a location between two domestic water intakes and because of the value of Shuswap Lake for local tourism, cultural heritage and fishing, the ministry says.

Between June 2020 and December 2022, it was determined that the resort discharged effluent into Shuswap Lake that did not meet regulatory standards on 139 occasions.

During this period, 122 discharges exceeded the discharge limit by more than 100%.

The limits refer to the levels of biochemical oxygen demand and the total suspended solids in the effluent.

The resort was also found to have failed to notify a director about a malfunction at its treatment facilities on 143 occasions during the same period.

Carmel Beach Private Lodges maintains it was reporting correctly based on comments received in its 2019 inspection report.

In the decision, the case was evaluated by Bryan Vroom, director of Environmental Management Law.

Vroom said the comments in the report were made in error and management should have known they were incorrect because they directly contradicted regulations.

In the decision, Vroom reduced possible fines by approximately US$30,000 due to aggravating circumstances

The owners of Carmel Beach Private Lodges had 30 days to pay the $2,319 fine or file an appeal starting November 23.



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