Rosé from BLACKPINK has not only asserted his dominance in the K-pop scene, but has now solidified his position as the first and only solo K-pop idol to surpass the age of 30. million likes TikTokshowing his immense popularity on the platform.
The milestone was reached through a TikTok video where Rosé participated in JisooRosé's 'Flower' challenge, racking up an astonishing 30.4 million likes. This achievement marks the second video on Rosé's TikTok channel to achieve such a remarkable feat, solidifying her status as a social media sensation.
However, Rosé's TikTok achievements don't stop there. She has now also claimed the title of the first solo K-pop idol to amass an impressive 40.8 million followers on the platform, further emphasizing her widespread appeal among fans across the world.
The specific 'Flower' challenge video not only received an impressive 30.4 million likes, but also generated 292.8k comments, 1.8 million saves and 358.5k shares. The cumulative effect of this viral content resulted in an impressive 258.2 million views, showing the global impact of Rosé's presence on TikTok.
In addition to the 'Flower' Challenge, another video featuring Rosé participating in the 'Jiggle Jiggle' dance trend alongside BLACKPINK bandmates Jennie and Lisa attracted significant attention. This video gained 33.7 million likes, 505.9k comments, 1.8 million saves, and an impressive 731.3k shares, racking up a remarkable 265.2 million views.
Rosé's achievement on TikTok not only underscores her individual success, but also reflects BLACKPINK's unparalleled influence and popularity as a group on the global entertainment stage.



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