IThe Suns are now ready to compete. Or at least it seems like it. He Bradley Beal debut mark the first date on the calendar with the three big stars in Arizona. Durant, Booker and the former Wizards formed a trident last summer that scared the NBA. A new recent case of superstars sharing a dressing room.

Despite the home loss to Brooklyn (112-116), you need to be optimistic and put alarms aside. They showed a good version, each fulfilling their function, generous and egoless. And this is important because they are three of the best scorers in the NBA in recent seasons.

Los 34 from Booker, 27 from Durant and 14 from Beal They weren't enough to stop the Nets from competing with anyone. Upon return from Mikal Bridges For what was their home, always adored by the fans, the New Yorkers caused damage from outside (15/41 in triples) to take the victory at home.

Bradley Beal debuts for Phoenix in defeat to the Brooklyn NetsMatt YorkLAPRESSE

A rollercoaster of emotions

The match was beautiful for the spectator. He good start for Brooklyn (31-22)made it clear that it would not be a walk in the park for the Suns. Jusuf Nurkic, With a colossal performance, it was a luxurious complement to the three stars. Always concise in his work outside the spotlight, the Bosnian finished with 15 points, 22 rebounds (6 of them offensive) and 2 blocks. Completely nullifying Claxton on the opposite side.

Bridges, formerly of the Suns and a Cam Tomás intonation (and always fun to watch), were responsible for ruining the party and the trident's debut. The first, with 21 points, caused medium-range damage, while the second was sweet from outside (4/8), to end with 24.

Mikal Bridges (Brooklyn Nets) celebrates a basket in front of the Phoenix Suns

Mikal Bridges (Brooklyn Nets) celebrates a basket in front of the Phoenix SunsMatt YorkLAPRESSE

Booker demonstrated again its most generative version and why he adapted so well to the new role imposed on the spot. At 34 points it is important to add 12 assists. Distributing the game to Durant and Beal and cleaning up one of the doubts that falls on Phoenix at the start of the season.

In turn, the forward finished with 27, despite the bad triple percentages (1/5). Los Sóis (13-11)They are not alarmists. Han accumulated positive winning streaks and they are on the right path. It's difficult to put together pieces of this caliber, but Frank Vogel He is doing it wonderfully. Maybe we should take a look at the second unit, which doesn't seem up to scratch.