Billie Piper says she is still in debt to Virgin Records (Photo: Shutterstock)

Popstar and actress Billie Piper has revealed she is still in debt to Virgin Records, with reports suggesting it could be as much as £9million.

The 41-year-old I Hate Suzie and Penny Dreadful star initially debuted in the 1990s, aged just 15, with a string of huge chart hits that were popular in the UK and around the world.

After scoring three UK number one singles by the year 2000 and achieving platinum status with her debut album, Billie turned to TV in 2003 and became widely known for her work as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. .

Billie continued to work on TV and stage after leaving the BBC sci-fi series, and in 2017, she won the Laurence Olivier Award for best actress after her role in breakout production Yerma.

Despite all her success over the years, Billie said she still owes Virgin Records huge amounts of money nearly 30 years after she initially signed her contract.

Billie told Jessie Ware's podcast that she couldn't stand touring (Photo: WireImage)

She told fellow singer Jessie Ware: “I'm still indebted to Virgin. If I ever release an album, which I won't, I'll probably have to pay off that debt. It's like college debt.

Jessie, 39, asked Billie about her pop career, and the Day & Night singer revealed she couldn't really stand being a famous pop star.

'You do all these big promotional tours which I absolutely hated. I hated leaving.

The singer began acting in 2003 and has been on screen and stage ever since (Photo: Netflix)

Speculation reported in Yahoo News suggested that the debt Billie owes to Virgin could be around £9 million.

The Because We Want To hitmaker signed with Innocent Records, which belonged to Virgin at the time, and released her first debut single on the label.

But it appears the contract is still being paid after Billie left the music industry behind, later citing the 'behavior' of those around her and how some people's 'moral compass' was 'destroyed'.

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She said iNews in 2021: 'How people behave around you and how they think they can gain access to you. The sense of a moral compass is completely destroyed.

Billie also explained that any control she felt ended up being a kind of illusion: 'I thought I had a lot of [of control] because I would choose my looks and my dancers, and I would bring ideas to my choreographer.

'[But] creative input is very different from the big picture. I had little to no agency at that time in my life. has contacted Billie Piper's representatives and Virgin for more details.

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