After her hospitalization in 2017, Bijou Phillips did, indeed, undergo a kidney transplant. The news of her hospitalization sent shockwaves through her social circle and the media, highlighting the critical need for a kidney transplant to save her life. Although her commitment to dialysis and a vegan diet had been commendable efforts to manage her condition, it became evident that they were no longer sufficient to sustain her health. The situation appeared dire, but a glimmer of hope began to emerge. A source close to Bijou informed TMZ, “Bijou recently discovered that she has a friend who is a suitable match and is hopeful that she will undergo a transplant soon.” The prospect of a kidney transplant offered a ray of hope in Bijou’s challenging and uncertain journey. The possibility of receiving a healthy kidney from a friend emphasized the significance of a strong support system during times of adversity.

Before her surgery, Bijou Phillips took to Instagram to express both her gratitude and apprehension about the impending transplant. Following her successful kidney transplant, Bijou Phillips’ before-and-after photos showcased her remarkable transformation. Prior to the kidney transplant, Bijou’s health struggles had a visible impact on her physical appearance. The toll of kidney disease, dialysis, and her vegan diet was apparent in her appearance. She appeared notably thinner and more delicate than in the past, a stark contrast to her previous vibrant and confident persona. Bijou’s weight loss was a consequence of her medical condition and the treatment she was undergoing. Her primary focus was on regaining her health and vitality, and her transformation served as a testament to her resilience in the face of adversity.

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