IThe Super Bowl 2024between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefswas preceded by a theory of conspiracy, one of those in vogue in today's world, disseminated on social networks and believed by those who find 'confirmation' of their pre-conceived ideas in it. In this case, start with the environment of the former president of the United States donald trump and the movement MAGA (Make America Great Again) which aspires to bring to power an ideology that is more than conservative, but fundamentalist.

Since this movement, conspiracy theories have spread. Q-Anon or the anti-vaccineamong others, and the one relating to this meeting was based on the fact that, given that the singer Taylor Fast She is the Chiefs player's girlfriend Travis Kelceand in turn, the singer supports President Joe's Democratic Party more Biden that of the applicant donald trump, the White House would have 'set' things up for the Chiefs to win the game. The fact that finally happened (25-22 prorogation) of the theoretical reason for his prophecies.

Evidently, everyone knew the theory because Trumpism itself was committed to making it known. The news is that the White House and Joe Biden they took it straight away fight back and 'boast' that their 'plans' were successful.

To do this, President Joe Biden spread across Twitter (the social network now called 'X') an image of you looking like 'Dark Brandon'. This character was the Democratic response to a MAGA slogan – 'Come on, Brandon'– dedicated to supporting his movement and denigrating his rival. However, those who oppose Trumpism did what has happened so many times in the history of propaganda: They adopted it and used it against their rival. Thus, many memes 'Dark Brandon': a Joe Biden characterized as a superhero who defeats the Trumpists time and time again.

And it's been his Biden who has now become accustomed to mocking this conspiracy theory: with a tweet (or whatever these messages are now called) in which, with an image of him with flaming eyes, proclamation. “Exactly as we planned”in obvious mockery.

The analysts who previously spread the conspiracy theory haven't made much noise at this point, except, of course, the ineffable Elon Musk. He responded by saying “I thought it was a bill parody but no, it's the president of the United States.” In turn, his followers responded with their silence or support when the account Trump Similar things are spread… In short, the eternal game of propaganda… Which in this case mainly favors Musk, whose platform brings in more traffic.