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MANILA, Philippines – Authorities intercepted four women victims of illegal recruitment in two separate and consecutive trafficking attempts at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) said in its latest report.

On Thursday, the BI said that a Filipina, whose name was withheld for her protection, was prevented from leaving the country on December 9th. She confessed that a woman he met in a bar months ago recruited her to work abroad. The woman could no longer be contacted, she added.

The victim said her travel documents were sent to her the night before her flight, which secondary inspectors later found to be fraudulent.

Citing the victim, BI said she was supposed to work as a club freelancer, where she would go to Hong Kong to renew her visa and then go in and out of Singapore and Malaysia.

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday, BI also reported the interception of three Filipino women who pretended to be “co-workers on a three-day holiday.”

BI said they were stopped last December 8 after trying to board a flight to Singapore.

The three initially claimed to work at a logistics company, substantiating their story with alleged documents from their employer, the agency said.

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However, the BI noted that examination during the secondary inspection raised suspicions, and it was later revealed that they had active work permits for hotel jobs in Singapore.

BI said the victims eventually admitted to finding out about the job offer through a Facebook group. Their travel documents were also sent to them by an Internet acquaintance for printing.

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The BI said the four passengers were handed over to the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking for further investigation.