Bhagya Lakshmi 8 September 2023 Written Update Kidnapping

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Neelam believes that someone is there and notices thieves are not outside. She contemplates going out, but when Lakshmi exits the room, she spots a figure emerging from beyond the entrance. It’s locked from the exterior, while also secured from within. She knocks as if to ask who is inside, and Neelam answers her call. Upon seeing her, Lakshmi warmly greets her, to which Neelam collapses and exclaims in amazement. Lakshmi comforts her by sitting her on the sofa and pondering that she might be requiring her BP medicine. With that thought in mind, she heads off to get it.

Lakshmi gets caught by the robbers. The goon threatens her with a knife. She stamps his feet and runs to save her life. She falls down the stairs. She gets the attention of Rishi and the entire family. Rishi worries for her. He wonders how she fell down the stairs. He sprinkles some water on her face. She gets awakened. She tells Rishi that there are four robbers in the house. Rishi and Ayush ask how did the robbers come inside when there is security outside. They rush upstairs to fight the robbers. Lakshmi gets kidnapped by the robbers, who follow Vikrant’s command. Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 8th September 2023.

Radha Mohan:

TheTimes Nigeria reports that Damini passionately declares that Radha should be hanged, causing Bhushan to admonish her, pointing out that she will definitely be hanged once all the evidence is revealed. He suggests that they are certain of the repercussions tomorrow and inquires about his plan to guarantee Radha’s conviction. Radha is filled with emotion at seeing Mohan, Gungun, and Kadambari. Radha is astounded when Gungun elucidates the signification of the verse in the Bhagwat Geeta that proclaims if one is on the right path, then one must rise and combat; victory is certain.

The Robbers check the other room and don’t find anything. They decide to do their boss’ work and leave. They speak to their boss and ask him to keep the money ready. They go to do the task. Ayush asks Rishi to stay happy, Malishka is there in his fate and they love each other. He can see Rishi’s sorrow. Sonal wishes Rishi and Malishka well. Lakshmi gets the medicines from Neelam’s room. She finds the safe open and empty. She thinks about how it happened. She realizes that the robbers have got inside the house. She takes the medicines and rushes to Neelam. She feeds her the medicines. She runs to alert the family about the robbers. She comes across them. Pandit asks Virender to call Neelam. Virender wonders where are Neelam and Lakshmi.

Rishi pities his fate. Lakshmi runs to get saved. She fights the goon. Rishi gets visuals that Lakshmi is in a problem. The goon says that she can’t get saved. Rishi finds it strange that he is getting weird intuitions. He thinks if there is any danger in her life. He rushes to see. Malishka asks him about the matter. Virender asks Rishi if is he going to find someone. Rishi asks about Lakshmi. He tells that something wrong is going to happen with Lakshmi. Virender asks why is he feeling like that. Rishi tells that he is feeling anxious. Malishka tells that he is overthinking. She asks him to relax. Rishi tells that he will go and see Lakshmi. They see Lakshmi coming. Lakshmi falls and rolls over the staircase. Rishi gets worried and runs to her. The robbers see the people in the living hall. They think to work hard to do their boss’ work. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is doing this to postpone the engagement. Karishma is worried for Neelam. Rishi sprinkles the water on Lakshmi’s face. She gets conscious. Rishi asks Lakshmi why was she running like that. Lakshmi tells that there are robbers in the house. The family gets worried. She tells that she has seen four robbers. Rishi tells that he will deal with them. He asks her not to worry. The robber thinks to kill Rishi. Lakshmi tells that Neelam is unconscious. She adds that she gave BP medicines to Neelam. Rishi asks Virender to call the doctor.

Rishi and Ayush run upstairs. Dadi is glad to see Lakshmi okay. The robbers hide. They don’t want to get caught. Lakshmi tells the family that Neelam got attacked by the robbers and she was nearly dizzy. She adds that she went to Neelam’s room to get the medicines, and saw the empty locker. She tells that she gave the medicines to Neelam, and came to alert the family. Rishi and Ayush find Neelam unconscious. Rishi tells that he will teach a lesson to the robbers. Dadi asks Lakshmi not to worry. Virender tells that he has called the doctor and also the police. He fears that the robbers might have weapons with them. He wants to go and help his sons. Dadi asks him to go. Rishi tells that the guests’ safety is their responsibility. A goon attacks him. Rishi fights him. Sonal asks why did the robbers come on the engagement day.

She hopes the engagement doesn’t stop. Sonia asks if Lakshmi planned the robbers’ entry. Malishka gets hyper. The robbers catch Virender at gunpoint. The family is shocked when the robbers threaten to kill Virender. Lakshmi throws a plate and hits the goon. She snatches the gun from him. She asks him to keep the bag down. She threatens to shoot down the robbers’ gang. The goon shouts at her and asks her to shoot. Malishka wants Lakshmi to kill the goon and get jailed. Neelam gets conscious. She recalls the threat to the family. The goon catches Lakshmi. He threatens to shoot her. Malishka provokes the goon to shoot Lakshmi. She tells that she will not call Rishi. The goon asks them to call Rishi and Ayush. Virender shouts to call Rishi. The goon tells Rishi that his gang members will kill the entire family. He laughs aloud. Rishi bashes him.

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