Iin the decision of the Royal Society of not providing tickets for the Betis so that the green and white club distributes them to its fans in the game corresponding to the 17th round of the LaLiga EA Sports which will be played next Sunday, at Royal Arena It had consequences. The green and white club issued a statement regretting this drastic measure by the population of San Sebastian, in which it announced that it will do the same and will not sell seats to realistic fans for the league's second round game between the two teams in the Benito Villamarn.


Real Betis Balompi deeply regrets Real Sociedad de Ftbol's decision not to sell tickets to visiting fans for the match this Sunday, December 17th.

Real Betis only sells visiting places to its members, all identified, and draws up a list that is previously sent to the State Security Forces and Bodies, LaLiga and the local club. These tickets are personal and non-transferable and it is very easy to verify the identity of the end user accessing the stadium by checking their DNI. If in previous years fans other than Real Betis entered the Reale Arena, they did so outside this procedure and for reasons absolutely beyond our Club's control and solely attributable to the local organization.

Real Betis Balompi fans fill the visiting areas of every stadium in Spain every weekend and would have been delighted to take part in the events to pay tribute to Aitor Zabaleta on the 25th anniversary of his murder. We understand that this is a complex situation, but we regret that it was attempted to be resolved through drastic and unnecessarily extreme measures. Another system could have been implemented to prevent undesirables from accessing the stadium, without condemning true fans to not being able to follow their team.

Real Betis Balompi has been trying at all times to resolve this problem, which mainly affects fans who have already purchased tickets and hotels to travel to San Sebastin. We consider Real Sociedad a friendly club with which we maintain a magnificent relationship, but the response received from the San Sebastian entity was not satisfactory at any time.

Conversely, Real Betis will not sell visiting tickets for the second round match at the Benito Villamarn Stadium. Our Club regrets the unilateral failure to comply with the agreement reached by 17 LaLiga EA Sports clubs to encourage the movement of fans in Spanish fitball.